Mission Statement

Are you a man?
Do you want to study abroad?

Why not become a man in the process?
Learn how to manage on your own

Meet foreign women and get laid
Travel as much as possible as cheap as possible 
And everything in between

These days, It's not that less and less men are deciding to go to college. It's that more and more women are enrolling. 

-The male-female ratio in higher education has been steadily moved in favor of the females ever since the 1970s. Total enrollment figures show that females outnumbered their male counterparts for the first time in the late 1970s, and they have steadily increased their numerical advantage ever since. The superiority first came in public universities, but soon private universities saw female enrollment surpass male enrollment. Forbes

This fact isn't a problem.
The problem is there is no outlet catering to the young males that hasn't been fluffed up with air, or made so politically correct that it's disgusting.

"If half the population has less exposure to other cultures, it's a disadvantage to them as individuals and to us as a society," says Heather E. Barclay Hamir, director of study abroad at the University of Texas at Austin. -The Chronicle

This blog sets out to tell you how it really is and how it should be.


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