Saturday, April 18, 2015

South Korea Impressions

I'm currently in South Korea.  Here for work.  I've never really had Asian Women on my radar..I've just never really been into them.
But I'm gonna make the best of the situation.

I don't know where this thread will go.. But I'm just gonna write little updates every now an then.

Right now, I'm in the south, Daegu area.

Korea cities are cluttered. Even the smaller towns are cluttered.
Its like, things are just built on top of each other really close, there isn't a lot of personal space.

There is a slight smell in the air, but its nothing something bad...but its not good.  Its just different

Koreans don't seem to be the cleanest..or at least they aren't afraid to let it out.
People hock loogies and spit everywhere. I've even seen it happen right on the door steps of restaurants.

Everyone here seems to be a great driver.. to the point that they just don't care about drivers laws at all.
I haven't seen one car crash..but lots of cars seem to have little fender bender marks.
People just drive however they want.  quick stops..driving on the curb, parking anywhere you please.
Its a real "get in where you fit in around here"
I'll be getting a car pretty soon though.