Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Alpha Playboy by Christian McQueen ( A Review)

The Alpha Playboy by Christian McQueen 

I just got my hands on a copy of his book last week, and loved it.
This is a great book ,not only for guys planning on studying abroad, but for guys that want to improve themselves overall as a person..and become an Alpha Playboy.

This is not a How To book. This is not a Self Help book.

     The way I read this book was as a self development book. McQueen didn't write this book to take from you from day 1 to day 365. He wrote this book to take you from day 60 into the rest of your future.
This book doesn't tell you how to go and pick up girls. It helps you wake up out of the bed, look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself to improve your entire life. From there on out, you will not only have the confidence to pick up girls...But to do whatever you want to do in life. If you wanna become the best business person...It's possible that this book will help you

     In the easiest way I could sum this book up was : Straight Pimp Shit
McQueen doesn't hold back with his words. He tells it how it is. You're an adult.. I hope.  You don't need someone babying you through your life. He writes a good portion on just sucking it up, digging deep inside yourself and trucking on.
The author gives you ever step that you need down to his personal manifesto, to uplift you and reaffirm in yourself that you are THE SHIT

Only after then...Can you get even be successful.

     From there some next level "Deep Conversion" knowledge game is dropped on you. I love how McQueen drops so much knowledge on getting a girl and keeping the girl. Sometimes you gotta reward her, sometimes you have to punish her.  I feel like you will just have to buy the book to fully understand this. This information shouldn't be given for free. Kanye said " No one man should have all this power"  But certain power can not always be shared freely or be put in the wrong hands..

     What I really like about the book are the sections that go into STYLE , FITNESS and DIET
Not many books really go into topics like this, and when they do; it's often extremely vague and "bro science" garbage.
The author knows style. The author knows fitness.
Down to good places to shop to update yours style if you don't have a bunch of money to spend, McQueen knows.
(This is essential stuff if you are gonna drop into another country and look good.)
All of the Recipes in the book are extremely affordable and simple. A lot that may read is book may have never lived alone, or are use to eating out.  LEARN to cook some shit for yourself..You'll feel better.

Almost all of the exercises in this book require no weights at all. You're not gonna come back looking like Arnold, but you're probably gonna be more fit than 90 percent of the other drunk and high kids out there.

Moral of the story.
You wanna get fit? Read this book

You wanna eat right?  Read this book.

You wanna take your style to the next level?  Read this book.

You wanna take your game to the next level and give women the experiences of their lives? Read this book.

All these things are extremely focused for a young Alpha Male..getting out the the country and showing his face to the world.

If you're interested in the Christian McQueens Blog, and Purchasing the book...Here is a link.

Even If you never purchase the book. McQueens NEW blog is such a wealth of knowledge that you would be shooting yourself in the book by not bookmarking it.