Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Analysis of Budapest: Thoughts-People-Culture

After spending three months in Budapest, I feel like I should give a horribly written essay on my overall thoughts and knowledge of the city. I feel like this could also come out as a history lesson at the same time.
I'm not gonna say that I'm any sort of historian..or that I really know what I'm talking about. Three months isn't enough to get deep into what Budapest really is..but its enough time to make some judgement.
Hungarians may read this and think that I'm completely stupid, while some may agree with me.  We'll see.

This is my story.

Before I decided to move to Budapest I had previously visited the city as a tourist. I had recently came from Germany..so the slight smiles and almost bright but sad eyes on Hungarians made me think the city was extremely friendly and welcoming. Hungarians were a happy people. The city was extremely modern, people dressed well and you could drink water out of fountains around the city.  This made me thing Hungarians earned a great wage, but the cost of living was simply extremely cheap. Some of these things are true..Some of them aren't.

I made some contact and ended up renting a apartment for a decent price in downtown Pest. ( The cool side of the city)
The first thing I did when I arrived to the city was buy a monthly public transportation ticket. I figured I would take the bus, tram and metro pretty often.  I slowly figured out..just about everything on both the Buda and the Pest side is in walking distance. It won't take more than about 30 minutes to walk from one side of the city to the other.
 For the rest of the time being.. I just bought a couple transportation tickets at a time and walked everywhere.

What I didn't mention..Is that in the Summer...Budapest is hot as shit and most of the building do not have central air or heat.
While I had a extremely modern apartment. I didn't have an AC unit. I had a fan.
Sometimes a dreaded coming home..or bringing anyone over, because it was usually hotter inside the apartment than outside.
Why is it like this?  The way that most building on the Pest side are built give them big courtyards inside the apartment. They are tall enough to block the sun on the lower floors, let air funnel in and keep the building cool. When it gets cool in temperature, the building are built thick, keeping the heat in.
This is a great idea..but unfortunately I lived on the top floor or my building.. and the sun rose directly into my room.
This made it easy for me to wake up at the top of the morning and go to the Gym...But the sun beams into until noon...but the insulation of the building kept it hot until the next day. The only escape from the heat was when it rained and the head was sucked out of the building.

That was my side rant...
In my last post on Budapest, I mentioned how Hungarians appear really warm. Apparently I was wrong, ( this is all in good humor)After making friends with quite a few Hungarians I  found out Hungarians are actually assholes and complainers. They seem to find a way to complain about everything there is to complain about. Its actually a pastime to complain about something because there really isn't much else to do. The average person in Budapest makes between 500 and 800 dollars a month..with 500 being more common..Which is enough to live life, but not enough to truly live "comfortably" I spent about 1100 a month. Which allowed me a to pay a high rent of 350 dollars a months downtown and go out regularly during both the week and weeknight.
I wasn't balling out of control at high class clubs, but I could afford to splurge.
One reason for the complaints and assholish behavior comes from tourist.  I considered myself a local for what is was worth and began to hate tourist also.
Most of the tourist come from the EU and England..While the dollar is about 230HUF Hungarian Forint  the British Pound is about 400 Forint.
A pint of beer in England can easily cost 4 pounds. Means they can by nearly 6 pints of beer as opposed to 1....and They do..
This results in drunk British people slobbering all around the streets during the evenings being loud and uncalled for.
Because of this..lots of bars and restaurants have slowly started raising their prices..which doesn't necessarily kick locals off..but I will admit that it put a bitter taste in my mouth when certain bars served the same bear for twice the price.. when you could walk a block around the corner to another place, not hear any English and get a beer for half the the price. About 1.10USD

Now...you could also go deeper into things..Communism.
Communism hit Hungary pretty bad..just like everyone else. Budapest made cars and buses for the Soviet Union.. when the Curtain collapsed..they didn't have much else do and didn't have much.
Since the soviets provided for Budapest and went into debt to provide for them...The fall of the curtain seems to have left Hungarians with a slightly defeatist and victim attitude. When you don't have anything..you either fight hard to get it..or you accept that you won't have it...Hungary accepted the loss. Even though its in the EU and touching Austria..Hungary chooses to stick with the Serb/Balkan/Turkish mindset that sets. let things slide and become corrupt instead of rise against the odds and become diligent and productive.

On the outside Hungarian politics seem fine they consider themselves a Parliamentary republic...democracy.
Even though there are multiple political parties, one Political party has pretty much rules everything. The Fidesz  has a super majority, full or politicians that just don't seem to care. Bribery might not be as big as it is in Romanian.. but it seems like tossed a cop 40 bucks goes a long way if you really need it to.
Some argue that Democracy is over in Hungary

In other odd politics.. one politician Ilona Staller was a known hardcore porn star an famous for showing her big fake tits to the parliament

*Random tidbit.Hungarians have been major producer of porn since the 70s...hardcore..you name it..
Is it cause Hungarians are horny and sexually frustrated...or cause the women are just so beautiful?
I think its a bit of both
In 2007 there was a small push to make it legal for ages 14-17 to star in porn movies.

Another political tidbit.
In the recent year..A monument was built in Szabadság tér ( Freedom/Libery square) dedicated to Jewish and Hungarian struggle and occupation during the Nazi era.  Its suppose to be a a German eagle coming down on Archangel Gabriel. The Eagle being Germany and Gabriel being Hungary. As if it was all the Nazi's fault for what happen.
But the funny thing is that Hungary joined the Nazis on their own..and when shit hit the fan..they murder Jews with a smile in the face.
The Shoes on the Danube memorial is based upon when Jews were told to take their shoes off by the river..so when they were shot..they would fall into the Danube and float downstream.
To top it off.. the memorials Hebrew inscription is apparently google translated.
Budapest has one of the highest Jewish populations...along with the Dohany Street Synagogue, The largest in Europe and they couldn't find a Jew to give them a correct the monument( If they would have asked..the Jew would have refused anyway)

You could go much deeper in to more ancient history of Hungary.. but I feel its been better written  in the Hungarian chapter of The Hidden Europe Where the author get into the history of Hungary and how they have pretty much been pushed around by every empire up to now.

At the end of the day.. I  think this is the reason for Hungarian bitterness.

On the other hang...when you grow up poor..you find joy in the little things. and a gathering out in a village is probably ten times more fun than going to the club.
If you really wanna know the definition of drunk...makes some friends to take you out to get some of grandpas Palinka.
Palinka is one of Hungary's national drinks next to Unicum..(which taste like it sounds..but nothing like it sounds)(not that I would know..but from what I've heard)
Palinka on the other hand taste like gasoline..rubbing alcohol with flavor. with it being from 40-70%
You will get drunk quick trying to take shots of it.
I once took a shot of 70 percent Palinka and couldn't talk for 2 minutes...I looked around and realized I was tricked..and I was suppose to sip the shot and not take it to the back of my throat.
Its also a sin to buy Palinka from the stores( sorry )..Proper Palinka has to be gotten from a village somewhere.
It seems like a common thing to get it across border also. While stopped at the Romanian/Hungarian border it seems that at least 1 car and hour gets checked and turns up full of plastic soft drink bottles full of Palinka.
That didn't stop me from stocking up and fulling my suitcase with at least 10  liters of alcohol and bringing it home( Somehow my bag never got checked at the airport)

..Im tired of writing...so I'm just gonna publish right here


  1. This is the most idiotic blog post I ever saw.
    You are full of BS. Obviously you are totally clueless. Your lack of logic in this so called "analysis" is laughable.

    Because if retard western tourists like you has Budapest become 2 faced:
    Fist - they got screwed by opening their economy way to fast for their "western friends" who destroyed the whole hungarian industry because they were afraid of the cheaper and decent quality products that coudl be exported to Western Europe.

    Then tourism was encouraged/left as a last resort solution .. with low level drunken UK idiots and german retards EXPECTING smiles and "WESTERN SERVICES" so you got exactly that: SMILES for RETARD TOURISTS while you are getting "ripped off"..

    Budapest offers what tourists want.. Retard tourists will receive services for retards..

    The western hypocrisy of not allowing Hungary to stand on its own feet and continuously trying to sabotage the desire of hungarians for a better life it is met with the same hypocrisy served to tourists..

    Guess what ? At least Budapest has not become a western shithole like Prague ..
    (Don't get me started on your retard country Germany - better than UK but still a fucking dictatorship).. No freedom.. Just rules.. police.. mafia.. you wanted fucking arabs and turks - now you got them..

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  9. Budapest is a shithole, most polluted air in EU, worst quality drinking water, everywhere is filthy, full of homeless literally dying on the streets and hungarians do not give a fuck, hungarians try to scam and trick each other constantly you can see that on shops and daily life, the whole country is a huge craphole ruled by a right wing party that uses cheap electoralism to buy votes claiming that all causes of Hungary being such a shithole are inmigrants and jews when it is actually Hungarian post-socialist and corrupt mentality!! Such a country should not even be allowed to be part of the EU


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