Friday, July 4, 2014

Week in Warsaw

I've heard stories of Poland before.
Cheap beer, cheap liquor, cheap everything.  Stories of West Europeans getting of trains and seeing city centers full of beautiful girls, hidden by the Iron Curtain.

Well...I can tell you that they are all true.

I got out of the airport...My friends and I were amazed at the amount of  beautiful girls walking around.
Tall girls with petite faces and surprisingly plump asses.  There was not shortage of girls walking around in heels.  For the first 2 hours...I can't even remember finding a fat person.

This was the opposite from America in many senses.

I was lucky enough to have rented an apartment right near the city center.  This put me 15 minutes max from The University of Warsaw and 2 club districts.
I also had a nearly spectacular view of the Warsaw Science Palace.

The only downfall to all of this was the sad fact that bombing of Warsaw duding WW2  had essentially destroyed the best architecture in the city. Leaving almost everything to be rebuilt by the Russians in typical drab concrete style.

My first couple days were spent doing the tourist things.
Walking around the old town and new town. Spending twice the money on tourist things...Seeing monuments. ect ect.

But I couldn't help to slowly interacting with the people.
Despite Polish being extremely difficult to learn..and sounding considerable worse than Russian.
I was able to find just the the right about of people that could speak English, to build up a slight social circle.

After spending enough time being tourist, we spent the rest of our time memorizing Polish words and phrases..then  walking around talking to girls, collecting phone numbers and setting up dates.

Within a couple days..We felt like kings of the city..splitting up and going off with different girls we met during the day.
Honestly.. there isn't much to do in Warsaw after you've seen the sights, but to take advantage of what seemed like more men than women in the City.

Eventually we met up with this college girl that invited us to party at a abandoned building a back lot on the other side of the city.
Damn near complete darkness. People dancing their brains off. Clearly a couple people rolling on drugs.
I watched a guy riding a miniature razor scooter through the club and no one paid him any mind..
The prices here were beyond cheap. Probably paying something less than a dollar for drinks.

At some point the building got gassed???
I would like to hope a girl was dumb and sprayed pepper spray. but for a while...everyone was coughing.. skin was getting hot.
It was like a gas chamber. and everyone moved outside for about 20 minutes till is was gone.

No one seemed super scared of surprised though. They just continued partying.
Around 3am or so..The girl and her friends bounced us to bar closer to the city...Where still we were paying at max a.1.5USD per shot.

Cheap alcohol is a gift and a curse..because We all ended up so obliterated that the idea of taking any of the girls home went out the window. The concern we would find our apartment.

I remembered enough to chug a liter of water and orange juice, and luckily my hangover didn't leave me on my deathbed.

It actually gave me motivation and energy...because the next night a friend and I met two girls and brought both of them back.

It was an orchestrated event.
He brought his girl back about and hour before I did.
While he was in the one bedroom apartment...I was warming my girl up in the same apartment building a couple floors up. ( we were drinking to the awesome view of the building)
Every now and then I walk would down the stairs and listen in to see if my friend had left.. and At some point I said fuck it. I was about to bang my girl on the empty 9th floor....until a security guard came up the elevator....

We wasn't even mad...He asked us if we knew...both ends of the hallway had infrared cameras and he had been watching us the whole time!
I sent my friend a quick text to get out of the room.
on the clock...there was about 14 minutes between when he had made the bed and left the apartment....til the moment I was walked in with my girl.

Teamwork at its greatest.


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