Friday, July 4, 2014

Northern Italy Trip Reports--Venice

I recently blew almost all the money I had in Italy.  I decided to take a nine day trip from Venice and leaving from Milan.
I left from Milan purely based on the price of tickets.( Ryanair :D )

Over this 9 days..I stopped in Venice, Padua, Verona,Bologna,Pisa and Florence.
Each city will get a miniature data matter how boring it is.

So...on to Venice.

Expensive for no reason... Full of tourist... cluttered... smells funny.
I seriously wasn't impressed.  There barely is a resident population here.. everyone probably works to please the tourist...who are fat and annoying.

Cost of life
Everything cost a arm and a leg and a left nut.

The Euro applies to all of Italy.. Venice has prices higher than Hamburg, which is an extremely expensive city.
You wont find a meal for less than 7 euros... you ll probably be close to paying 8 or 9 without a drink.
And you'll piss yourself when you see the meal..because it will always be half the size you expected.

I didn't even stay on the island.. I actually stayed in a city about 30 minutes away with some friends.
I also came on a weekday so there was no way I was gonna be buying club or bar drinks anywhere in Venice.

The Museums are way more overpriced than they should be.. every shop is trying to sell tourist artifacts.
Public transportation.. aka the water buses are also overprices.
Just save your money and get lost in the maze to get to the back of the island where anything worth seeing is
Even a fucking Ice Cream is over prices.

You can easily spend 100eur a day here with nothing to show with it..
Luckily I spent barely anything...cause I wanted nothing.

Place to go and People to see.

At most you need only half a day to see this city.
You arrive at the train station...
Don't get confused.. there is one on the mainland and one on the island.

You see a bunch of Tourist walking around making funny faces, looking for a place to take a picture. You see the big bridge that crosses over to the island..then you start walking.

The city a maze..there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.. but you can navigate by following graffiti that points to where specific things are.

Finally you ll arrive on the back of the island at San Marco Plaza.
You ll see the Clock Tower, The Palace..the Basilica..You can walk a little further and see the view and smell the shit in the water.

But guess what..!!!!!!!
All your pictures will suck.
There is no good view of anything in this place.. there has and always will be so many tourist that you either point your camera up and cut off part of your picture or you suck it up and have 50-200 other people in your pictures.

Then you'll walk back through the maze of an island..probably be half lost...half wet from slipping somewhere...and then you'll get on the train and leave.


There is suppose to be a university on the island.. I didn't care to see it.
Its hard to know who on the Island is from the city or who is just visiting.
If I was only staying in Venice.. I would not be impressed with the girls here at all.
I didn't see the great fashion people talk about.. I didn't see big tits and I didn't see fat asses.

Luckily I wasn't staying in the city..otherwise I would have a horrible impression of Italy.

Then again... I hate big tourist destinations with a fiery passion. But I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to take pictures and make every woman in my life  jealous and swoon for me harder.

*But I would never bring them to Venice...I don't see anything romantic about riding a rickety boat though a river of toilet water... then making out with a girl.


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