Monday, July 28, 2014

Brno, Czech Republic : Trip Report

The only thing I regret about Brno is that I went during Summer..when the bulk of students are out on vacation. The city is still filled with enough beautiful girls to make Hefner smile.. and the nightlife is still thriving enough for you to never be bored...but I can only imagine the debauchery that goes on during the school year.

Cost of life 

Everything here is ridiculously cheap.
I can't image many tourist go to Brno...there isn't much here.. and Prague is the only place that matters
1 USD is about 20.5 Czech Koruna.

At a night club.. the most expensive beer I bought was 35CZK  or about a 1.70USD . which to me was funny considering the cover charge 50CZK/2.50USD
On average I was paying a dollar a beer.

Since the city is small..their was no need to ever to use public transportation. at most it was a 25 minute walk from one side of the city to the other.

The most expensive meal i ate was about 8 dollars including my drink..and that was enough that I only had to eat once.
At the most expensive price.. street food was close to 5 dollars for a large kebab.
This place was a rip off cause other places were half the price for the same item

 Place to go and People to see

Honestly.. their wasn't much in the city to do.. 3 hours is way past overkill for seeing what the city has to offer in sights.

I really skip over this section..There are a couple churches... a sub par castle.
The most interesting thing is the Monastery Tomb/Crypt where they have a bunch of preserved mummies in plain view
..If you come to Brno for multi day historic're priorities are wrong.

Night life

Unfortunately when it comes to nightlife... I feel like I can't do this city justice.
Friends I was visiting in the city told me that it has a thriving weeknight scene during the school year, but during summer lots of people either go back to their villages or they go off to Croatia and party it up.

There is a pub or bar every couple feet around Brno. If you want a cheap beer from 11am to 4am, it won't be hard to find one.
Because of that.. I have no idea what the names of most of these places were.

But I can tell you... their weren't many women in these pubs.

A couple places I can recommend are

Malej Velkej Bar

This is a nice looking bar.. but full of trashy the people that have nothing better to do in their lives but drink to forget that nothing is happening in their lives.
I witness a male/female argument over which shitty track should be played on the jukebox.

The thing is..they serve quality drinks here and their was enough women to bounce around and talk.

I only stopped into here because a Cougar I met at the previous bar invited me.
This club looks pretty high tech.. disco style.. Only thing is.. it doesn't seem to be for the younger crowd.
This place was full of cougar groups on the prowl hard.
If you want a mid thirties lady to be all over you at the drop of a dime.. this is the place to go
Luckily this is check republic and 75 percent of the cougars are fit as hell. and theirs lots of young stunners walking around
There are a couple young people in here but they are probably just partying in the ambiance.. but I think this is a club for people in their late 20s to 40s. * refuse to post the clubs *best* pictures cause that's not what I saw when I was there.

 This place was dark and kinda grungy looking.. the DJ was horrible while I was their and music switched between 40s and 90s.. people went from trying to do the swing.. to trying to twerk.
It seems like a lot of confused students were here that didn't know any better
I felt like if I was gonna get stabbed might be here.

Maybe the kids that can't fit in at a normal club congregate here.
..I bought 1 beer and left

This was by far the best place I went to.
The have a cocktail bar with an outdoor patio on one street and then about half a block up the road is the night club.
The drinks are a little more expensive
I think I bought 3 drinks (a round)  for about 7USD as opposed to some cheaper places where I bought 5 beers for the same prices
Their patio is a good warm up places...its not incredible hard to go between tables and talk.
We pulled a group from this bar to the club and had a pretty good time.

The club its pretty wild..The ratio was great where I had the ability to ope 4-5 groups within the time I was there.
The have a upstairs area that perfectly lets you see the entire club and figured out where the girls are...then walk down and talk to them
There is also a pool/hot tub. I don't know if its heated.. but a couple people were bold enough to be inside it at the club.
I would recommend going back to this place multiple times because of the success I had here.
*I found it hilarious.. I was only paying 35CZK for my beer.. when I asked 3 different local guys.. who were all paying 50.  I still have no idea why.


I'm one of the last people to pull the blatant American card in hopes that girls will fall into my lap because they have never been with an American.
But in Brno...I can tell you... the card works and it works well.

Czech guys on average are not very good looking..Their women are a good 2 points ( of ten) above them at the worst.
Czech guys also don't have game and are extremely annoying.
Multiple Czech girls that I talked with voiced their opinions against their own guys...The girls that could speak English well would latch onto my every word.

I figured, at any moment a Czech guy could come and blow out the conversation, just by switching the languages, but even with their attempts. It never happened.

Now looks wise.. I was impressed and not impressed.

Czech women are pretty slender...long legs and torso. I ran into a lot of "lanky" women. but unlike Poland and Hungary.. where the girls have tighter bodies.. I found Czech girls not to have as tight bodies.
Their legs were long.. but not extremely muscular.
Even heels, didn't tighten the legs of some girls
I also can't say Czech women had some massive amount of ass. I saw some decent ones.. but mostly skinny girl asses.
But by far..I saw lost of busty girls
Lots of stunning faces.. I would say they looked better than polish faces...but not as good bodies as Hungarian.
The overwhelming benefit of Czech girls was their raw sexuality and the way they carried themselves. Even the women that didn't have the best looks were surrounded by a vibe of sexuality 

I wouldn't mind going back to Brno during the school year to see how much different it is


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