Sunday, July 13, 2014

Balaton Sound Trip Report

Getting in

Transportation is extremely easy from either the airport or from the city.
I don't know how much a train or bus would be from the airport via Public transportation but its a hell of a lot cheaper than using the private buses.
People told me they paid 25 euro for the airport bus transfers.

Since I'm living in the city I just took a train from Deli Palyuadvar to Zamardi which costed about 8 euro.

From their.. you pretty much get off the train in Zamardi with the rest of the crowd and follow the signs to your campground or apartment.

In the Festival cost
Everything is extremely expensive by Hungarian prices.

You will pay between 2.50 and 3 dollars USD for a beer.

Average food will be about 4 dollars up to 6 dollars.
A hotdog will cost you about 3.50.

Their are areas where you can charge you phone. You leave it at a booth and get a wrist band..pick it up later.
It'l cost you about 2.50 USD

See and Do
That doesn't matter though. Each Campsite has little food, drink ect venues. You could sit around all day in your campsite and never be bored if you want to.

Everything is paid for with a special pass you have to put money on.
like a prepaid credit card.
You exchange cash or use your card to charge it at booths located everywhere...its convenient because you don't have to carry money or a wallet around everywhere with you.
Can can just pocket the one card or purchase a lanyard for a couple dollars more.

At the end of your time..You can turn your card back in.
They will give you cash off your card, plus the 500huf deposit for the card.

I don't know if they do it every year, but this year..they gave you a trash bag.
You fill the back up with trash and turn it in for an extra 500huf

I hope you bring a decent tent.. I didn't skimp and bought a decent 2 person tent just for myself.
There was a horrible downpour for a entire day and night this year..Lots of people were shit out of luck with their shitty day tents.

* Festival habits are in play..don't bring anything you don't want to possibly get destroyed or stolen.
Both pairs of shoes I brought will have to go through the wash a couple times. and someone stole the American flag right out of my campsite ( Fucking haters)

There are lots of little bars and mini clubs lining the Balaton strip.
At least a dozen little interactive games and such

Their is also a Gym!
All of this is free.. you can walk in and out whenever you want.

Utilize the gym..Spend 10 minutes and get that pump going, so you can show off in your tank top.

All the stages are spread out perfectly.. just far enough that you can have multiple shows going on at the same time and not have the sounds overlap into each other to hard

Make sure too get to the big shows a little early.. otherwise you are gonna be way in the back.

The music doesn't need to be talked to much.
It changes every year.. 
This year they had a coupe big names.
Wiz Khalifa, Disclosure , Diplo

Dont be hesitant to just go to a random act.
I had never heard of Rudimental until this show.. and now I love them

Girls and Guys.For one...the running joke is that Balaton Sound is the biggest Festival in Belgium.
This place is overrun by Dutch people.
Its almost hard to find Hungarians here in the see of Dutch.
And even harder to find Americans. If you are American and make yourself know... You will be rare here
I can count on one hand the Americans I met there
*You'll probably find them..cause us Americans will carry our flag everywhere

Simply being American..Girls often walked up to talk to us and take pictures.
This resulted in lots of groupies and girls telling up how much they like Americans...aka..this resulted in lots of phone numbers and later meet ups.

On the flip side..I had lots of male groupies.
probably 1 drunk male groupie for every girl
Most of them were chill.. but some of them were annoying.
One Hungarian guy followed me around for a good 30 minutes while I was making out with a chick trying to get her to my tent.
He wasn't cock blocking.. he just had a hard on to go to america and live the American dream.
No matter how many people hate on America around the world..We are still the symbol that everyone wants to be part of.
Being black also got random girls grabbing on me during the Wiz Khalifa Concert.

And easy pick up line or conversation starter would be.

You're Dutch..aren't you.
I didn't know there were any Hungarians here.

* I also theorize that a lot of Hungarians rent apartments..because they know the area and don't wanna be in the gaggle fuck of tents.
I know quiet a few Hungarians that told me they rented apartments...But the average foreigner doesn't have the time to navigate the logistic of renting. 

That being said the girls here are amazing.
Its either short shirts or short shorts. or bikinis.
Eye candy and ass for days.

I almost forgot to mention..
There is a long as beach..Get your prime real estate and scout out the honeys for a couple hour.

Balaton as a extremely interesting. Its shallow..The deepest point is only about 40 feet deep.
But it seems like the Average is no more than 5.
You can easily walk 200+ feet and be able to comfortably stand up.

When the weather is good.. most people are just hanging out at the beach chilling, napping, playing soccer or tossing a ball around until the evening when the big shows start.

People are extremely friendly.
You can walk and talk to damn near anyone.
I ended up with a small phone book of numbers or Hungarians or groups of girls that will come back to Budapest.
Of course most of these numbers are useless..but its not hard at all to meet people.

on two different days I brought girls back to my tent to hang out, pre drink..ect
Everyone just needs an excuse to have fun.

* If you wanna get technical...Check peoples bracelets to see what campsite they are in.
You are only allowed into your own campsite.

So if you are trying to bring a girl from camp 1 to camp 2... forget about it..or pay ten euro ( which isnt worth it..cause its an extreme hassle to get more camp tickets and they more than likely wont give you one)
I even tried to bring a girl from VIP to my camp site..and they denied her also.


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