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Brno, Czech Republic : Trip Report

The only thing I regret about Brno is that I went during Summer..when the bulk of students are out on vacation. The city is still filled with enough beautiful girls to make Hefner smile.. and the nightlife is still thriving enough for you to never be bored...but I can only imagine the debauchery that goes on during the school year.

Cost of life 

Everything here is ridiculously cheap.
I can't image many tourist go to Brno...there isn't much here.. and Prague is the only place that matters
1 USD is about 20.5 Czech Koruna.

At a night club.. the most expensive beer I bought was 35CZK  or about a 1.70USD . which to me was funny considering the cover charge 50CZK/2.50USD
On average I was paying a dollar a beer.

Since the city is small..their was no need to ever to use public transportation. at most it was a 25 minute walk from one side of the city to the other.

The most expensive meal i ate was about 8 dollars including my drink..and that was enough that I only had to eat once.
At the most expensive price.. street food was close to 5 dollars for a large kebab.
This place was a rip off cause other places were half the price for the same item

 Place to go and People to see

Honestly.. their wasn't much in the city to do.. 3 hours is way past overkill for seeing what the city has to offer in sights.

I really skip over this section..There are a couple churches... a sub par castle.
The most interesting thing is the Monastery Tomb/Crypt where they have a bunch of preserved mummies in plain view
..If you come to Brno for multi day historic're priorities are wrong.

Night life

Unfortunately when it comes to nightlife... I feel like I can't do this city justice.
Friends I was visiting in the city told me that it has a thriving weeknight scene during the school year, but during summer lots of people either go back to their villages or they go off to Croatia and party it up.

There is a pub or bar every couple feet around Brno. If you want a cheap beer from 11am to 4am, it won't be hard to find one.
Because of that.. I have no idea what the names of most of these places were.

But I can tell you... their weren't many women in these pubs.

A couple places I can recommend are

Malej Velkej Bar

This is a nice looking bar.. but full of trashy the people that have nothing better to do in their lives but drink to forget that nothing is happening in their lives.
I witness a male/female argument over which shitty track should be played on the jukebox.

The thing is..they serve quality drinks here and their was enough women to bounce around and talk.

I only stopped into here because a Cougar I met at the previous bar invited me.
This club looks pretty high tech.. disco style.. Only thing is.. it doesn't seem to be for the younger crowd.
This place was full of cougar groups on the prowl hard.
If you want a mid thirties lady to be all over you at the drop of a dime.. this is the place to go
Luckily this is check republic and 75 percent of the cougars are fit as hell. and theirs lots of young stunners walking around
There are a couple young people in here but they are probably just partying in the ambiance.. but I think this is a club for people in their late 20s to 40s. * refuse to post the clubs *best* pictures cause that's not what I saw when I was there.

 This place was dark and kinda grungy looking.. the DJ was horrible while I was their and music switched between 40s and 90s.. people went from trying to do the swing.. to trying to twerk.
It seems like a lot of confused students were here that didn't know any better
I felt like if I was gonna get stabbed might be here.

Maybe the kids that can't fit in at a normal club congregate here.
..I bought 1 beer and left

This was by far the best place I went to.
The have a cocktail bar with an outdoor patio on one street and then about half a block up the road is the night club.
The drinks are a little more expensive
I think I bought 3 drinks (a round)  for about 7USD as opposed to some cheaper places where I bought 5 beers for the same prices
Their patio is a good warm up places...its not incredible hard to go between tables and talk.
We pulled a group from this bar to the club and had a pretty good time.

The club its pretty wild..The ratio was great where I had the ability to ope 4-5 groups within the time I was there.
The have a upstairs area that perfectly lets you see the entire club and figured out where the girls are...then walk down and talk to them
There is also a pool/hot tub. I don't know if its heated.. but a couple people were bold enough to be inside it at the club.
I would recommend going back to this place multiple times because of the success I had here.
*I found it hilarious.. I was only paying 35CZK for my beer.. when I asked 3 different local guys.. who were all paying 50.  I still have no idea why.


I'm one of the last people to pull the blatant American card in hopes that girls will fall into my lap because they have never been with an American.
But in Brno...I can tell you... the card works and it works well.

Czech guys on average are not very good looking..Their women are a good 2 points ( of ten) above them at the worst.
Czech guys also don't have game and are extremely annoying.
Multiple Czech girls that I talked with voiced their opinions against their own guys...The girls that could speak English well would latch onto my every word.

I figured, at any moment a Czech guy could come and blow out the conversation, just by switching the languages, but even with their attempts. It never happened.

Now looks wise.. I was impressed and not impressed.

Czech women are pretty slender...long legs and torso. I ran into a lot of "lanky" women. but unlike Poland and Hungary.. where the girls have tighter bodies.. I found Czech girls not to have as tight bodies.
Their legs were long.. but not extremely muscular.
Even heels, didn't tighten the legs of some girls
I also can't say Czech women had some massive amount of ass. I saw some decent ones.. but mostly skinny girl asses.
But by far..I saw lost of busty girls
Lots of stunning faces.. I would say they looked better than polish faces...but not as good bodies as Hungarian.
The overwhelming benefit of Czech girls was their raw sexuality and the way they carried themselves. Even the women that didn't have the best looks were surrounded by a vibe of sexuality 

I wouldn't mind going back to Brno during the school year to see how much different it is

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Life in Budapest- A Datasheet and Trip Report

As a lot of people have slowly found out. I decided to take an extended stay of 3 months in Budapest.
 I've been giving rave reviews of Budapest to everyone I know, and finally decide to move here for a couple months and see what kind of trouble I could get into.

Hopefully I get the time to make constant  updates. On day to day life.
To start off.. I have no job here. I'm living solely on saving. Aka I do nothing during the day, but brainstorm ideas to start a sort of business do "freelance" work for a couple dollars here and there.

This is just stream of conscience.. Im not really getting anywhere specific here....

Ill start with the  WHY.
Why did I come here?
2 years ago I planned to visit Austria.. but the plane ticket from where I was in Europe to Budapest was less than 20 dollars thanks to Ryanair. I planned to stay in Budapest a couple days and head to Vienna and travel around Austria.
A friend and I skipped the hostel and Couchsurfing route and rented apartment on Airbnb in a great location for pennies.
We spent 3 days in Budapest exploring the city and bar hopping with great success. I fell in love with how inexpensive the city was.. and how much friendlier and interesting it was compared to the western European countries ( Especially Germany) I had been to.

For the next couple years I researched cost of living and such in the city and found it was almost half that of my city back home.
Eventually I had a big block of time ( three months) and decided I would set up shop in Budapest.
I found a friend that had been to Budapest a year after me (after my recommendation) and we decided to find a great apartment and  just leave the States for a while. At the cost of burning a bit of our long earned savings...and not going straight into the job world. We are now here.

My impressions of that the city is awesome. They summers are warm/hot..people are always in the city.
Its just big enough that its possible to find a new place ever night for a long time... but its not big enough to get lost in the city. Its also small enough that you can become a familiar at places you frequent.
Budapest gets a fair amount of tourist..But luckily they aren't asshole tourist that shit in the streets.

I live on a busy street that is often filled with hostel goers...but also many Hungarians.

Public transportation is cheap and extremely on time.

People speak English at a percentage that makes it extremely manageable to live without knowing anything more than basic Hungarian phrases like yes, no thanks you..ect

And when I have a hard time understanding Hungarian...its not hard to make a local friend and have someone help you out

Hungarians are extremely welcoming on the outside.
Race doesn't seem to be a problem.. Ive found quite a few African living decently in the city. Even a couple small businesses.
In some countries I have been to.African minorities seem almost sketchy in their lifestyles.. but here.. I even see mixed couples walking though the city(if albeit rarely)
From what I've learned..Hungarians seem extremely curious about black people.
Many of my Hungarians friends..both guys and girls...joke that i'll have no trouble finding a wife here.. every other girl wants "cappuccino"  babies.

I can't say this is all hype.. I do extremely well with women here...but this is on top of my already great game.

Its not hard at all to hit up any of the malls or park,restaurant near Deak Ferenc an chat up some locals

Friendly and genuine..but what I've come to recognize.. is that Hungarians view complaining as a past time.
It seems like every facet of life can be complained about and Hungarians are often extremely stubborn.

Ive noticed this across the bored that Hungarians..once annoyed by something to the smallest bit...will let it build up and complain for the rest of the week about it.

Where I thought a lot of Hungarians were just making small talk that I didn't understand( not speaking the language)  Hungarians often make a lot of back handed compliments. But are self aware of their bitchiness.

Im not generalizing all Hungarians..cause I've met quite a few down to earth ones.... but they have told me some of the comments they hear when people don't realize they speak Hungarian.

Social circles play a big role in Hungarian society it seems.
In can meet people quickly and superficially and whisk them off quickly.
Hungarians seem to care  little more of what people think of them and women stay in their groups much tighter than back home.

Their is a clear tier system.
If you aren't in the circle... you may never be let in fully.
You can get in temporarily but you might not get full benefits... in this sense.. it seems a little hard to make friends because as friendly as Hungarians are.. often I think they are a little suspicious of foreigners.

This isn't without reason though..
Historically.. Hungarians have been ran through by many different empires..and even now.
So many tourist roll in an out of Budapest, that girls are extremely suspect to dating a non hungarian.
People are extremely surprised and confused  to learn that Im living here... because most young hungarians have dreams of getting out. 

There is no gym culture here.
Gyms are extremely expensive...with the average  hungarian wage... gyms can be upwards of 15 percent of a person  income.

You can get gym memberships in america for average 30 dollars a month and in lots of places cheaper.
Gym memberships in Budapest are 50+ a month.  and anything cheaper puts strict limitations on your gym time.
The cheapest gym was about 25 dollars a month.. but i could only go before 3pm.
Which isnt  to horrible.. get your morning reps in... but for anyone that goes to work.. you wont be able to go to the gym.
And conssidering places like LA fitness,often  have state of the art weight rooms and machines.. with saunas, pools and hot tubs for 30 dollars a month.

I feel like im getting ripped off.. on top of that.. so many gyms looks like whole in the wall basement with no AC.
Im current paying 50 dollars a month for a place.. simply because they have equipment that looks like it can support weight.
But the gym is only about the size of my Average house..back home

The people that go to gyms are either making some decent catch...really dedicated...or porn stars.

The above ground gyms have lots of hot girls doing light cardio or working out with trainers.
I cant fathom why a 20s girl really needs a trainer..let alone who is paying her upwards of 100 dollar a month membership?

Last thing I have to say?
Why is Bacon so expensive?
I might not be looking so hard.. but Why is good bacon like 6 dollars a pack

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Balaton Sound Trip Report

Getting in

Transportation is extremely easy from either the airport or from the city.
I don't know how much a train or bus would be from the airport via Public transportation but its a hell of a lot cheaper than using the private buses.
People told me they paid 25 euro for the airport bus transfers.

Since I'm living in the city I just took a train from Deli Palyuadvar to Zamardi which costed about 8 euro.

From their.. you pretty much get off the train in Zamardi with the rest of the crowd and follow the signs to your campground or apartment.

In the Festival cost
Everything is extremely expensive by Hungarian prices.

You will pay between 2.50 and 3 dollars USD for a beer.

Average food will be about 4 dollars up to 6 dollars.
A hotdog will cost you about 3.50.

Their are areas where you can charge you phone. You leave it at a booth and get a wrist band..pick it up later.
It'l cost you about 2.50 USD

See and Do
That doesn't matter though. Each Campsite has little food, drink ect venues. You could sit around all day in your campsite and never be bored if you want to.

Everything is paid for with a special pass you have to put money on.
like a prepaid credit card.
You exchange cash or use your card to charge it at booths located everywhere...its convenient because you don't have to carry money or a wallet around everywhere with you.
Can can just pocket the one card or purchase a lanyard for a couple dollars more.

At the end of your time..You can turn your card back in.
They will give you cash off your card, plus the 500huf deposit for the card.

I don't know if they do it every year, but this year..they gave you a trash bag.
You fill the back up with trash and turn it in for an extra 500huf

I hope you bring a decent tent.. I didn't skimp and bought a decent 2 person tent just for myself.
There was a horrible downpour for a entire day and night this year..Lots of people were shit out of luck with their shitty day tents.

* Festival habits are in play..don't bring anything you don't want to possibly get destroyed or stolen.
Both pairs of shoes I brought will have to go through the wash a couple times. and someone stole the American flag right out of my campsite ( Fucking haters)

There are lots of little bars and mini clubs lining the Balaton strip.
At least a dozen little interactive games and such

Their is also a Gym!
All of this is free.. you can walk in and out whenever you want.

Utilize the gym..Spend 10 minutes and get that pump going, so you can show off in your tank top.

All the stages are spread out perfectly.. just far enough that you can have multiple shows going on at the same time and not have the sounds overlap into each other to hard

Make sure too get to the big shows a little early.. otherwise you are gonna be way in the back.

The music doesn't need to be talked to much.
It changes every year.. 
This year they had a coupe big names.
Wiz Khalifa, Disclosure , Diplo

Dont be hesitant to just go to a random act.
I had never heard of Rudimental until this show.. and now I love them

Girls and Guys.For one...the running joke is that Balaton Sound is the biggest Festival in Belgium.
This place is overrun by Dutch people.
Its almost hard to find Hungarians here in the see of Dutch.
And even harder to find Americans. If you are American and make yourself know... You will be rare here
I can count on one hand the Americans I met there
*You'll probably find them..cause us Americans will carry our flag everywhere

Simply being American..Girls often walked up to talk to us and take pictures.
This resulted in lots of groupies and girls telling up how much they like Americans...aka..this resulted in lots of phone numbers and later meet ups.

On the flip side..I had lots of male groupies.
probably 1 drunk male groupie for every girl
Most of them were chill.. but some of them were annoying.
One Hungarian guy followed me around for a good 30 minutes while I was making out with a chick trying to get her to my tent.
He wasn't cock blocking.. he just had a hard on to go to america and live the American dream.
No matter how many people hate on America around the world..We are still the symbol that everyone wants to be part of.
Being black also got random girls grabbing on me during the Wiz Khalifa Concert.

And easy pick up line or conversation starter would be.

You're Dutch..aren't you.
I didn't know there were any Hungarians here.

* I also theorize that a lot of Hungarians rent apartments..because they know the area and don't wanna be in the gaggle fuck of tents.
I know quiet a few Hungarians that told me they rented apartments...But the average foreigner doesn't have the time to navigate the logistic of renting. 

That being said the girls here are amazing.
Its either short shirts or short shorts. or bikinis.
Eye candy and ass for days.

I almost forgot to mention..
There is a long as beach..Get your prime real estate and scout out the honeys for a couple hour.

Balaton as a extremely interesting. Its shallow..The deepest point is only about 40 feet deep.
But it seems like the Average is no more than 5.
You can easily walk 200+ feet and be able to comfortably stand up.

When the weather is good.. most people are just hanging out at the beach chilling, napping, playing soccer or tossing a ball around until the evening when the big shows start.

People are extremely friendly.
You can walk and talk to damn near anyone.
I ended up with a small phone book of numbers or Hungarians or groups of girls that will come back to Budapest.
Of course most of these numbers are useless..but its not hard at all to meet people.

on two different days I brought girls back to my tent to hang out, pre drink..ect
Everyone just needs an excuse to have fun.

* If you wanna get technical...Check peoples bracelets to see what campsite they are in.
You are only allowed into your own campsite.

So if you are trying to bring a girl from camp 1 to camp 2... forget about it..or pay ten euro ( which isnt worth it..cause its an extreme hassle to get more camp tickets and they more than likely wont give you one)
I even tried to bring a girl from VIP to my camp site..and they denied her also.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Northern Italy Trip Reports--Venice

I recently blew almost all the money I had in Italy.  I decided to take a nine day trip from Venice and leaving from Milan.
I left from Milan purely based on the price of tickets.( Ryanair :D )

Over this 9 days..I stopped in Venice, Padua, Verona,Bologna,Pisa and Florence.
Each city will get a miniature data matter how boring it is.

So...on to Venice.

Expensive for no reason... Full of tourist... cluttered... smells funny.
I seriously wasn't impressed.  There barely is a resident population here.. everyone probably works to please the tourist...who are fat and annoying.

Cost of life
Everything cost a arm and a leg and a left nut.

The Euro applies to all of Italy.. Venice has prices higher than Hamburg, which is an extremely expensive city.
You wont find a meal for less than 7 euros... you ll probably be close to paying 8 or 9 without a drink.
And you'll piss yourself when you see the meal..because it will always be half the size you expected.

I didn't even stay on the island.. I actually stayed in a city about 30 minutes away with some friends.
I also came on a weekday so there was no way I was gonna be buying club or bar drinks anywhere in Venice.

The Museums are way more overpriced than they should be.. every shop is trying to sell tourist artifacts.
Public transportation.. aka the water buses are also overprices.
Just save your money and get lost in the maze to get to the back of the island where anything worth seeing is
Even a fucking Ice Cream is over prices.

You can easily spend 100eur a day here with nothing to show with it..
Luckily I spent barely anything...cause I wanted nothing.

Place to go and People to see.

At most you need only half a day to see this city.
You arrive at the train station...
Don't get confused.. there is one on the mainland and one on the island.

You see a bunch of Tourist walking around making funny faces, looking for a place to take a picture. You see the big bridge that crosses over to the island..then you start walking.

The city a maze..there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.. but you can navigate by following graffiti that points to where specific things are.

Finally you ll arrive on the back of the island at San Marco Plaza.
You ll see the Clock Tower, The Palace..the Basilica..You can walk a little further and see the view and smell the shit in the water.

But guess what..!!!!!!!
All your pictures will suck.
There is no good view of anything in this place.. there has and always will be so many tourist that you either point your camera up and cut off part of your picture or you suck it up and have 50-200 other people in your pictures.

Then you'll walk back through the maze of an island..probably be half lost...half wet from slipping somewhere...and then you'll get on the train and leave.


There is suppose to be a university on the island.. I didn't care to see it.
Its hard to know who on the Island is from the city or who is just visiting.
If I was only staying in Venice.. I would not be impressed with the girls here at all.
I didn't see the great fashion people talk about.. I didn't see big tits and I didn't see fat asses.

Luckily I wasn't staying in the city..otherwise I would have a horrible impression of Italy.

Then again... I hate big tourist destinations with a fiery passion. But I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to take pictures and make every woman in my life  jealous and swoon for me harder.

*But I would never bring them to Venice...I don't see anything romantic about riding a rickety boat though a river of toilet water... then making out with a girl.

Week in Warsaw

I've heard stories of Poland before.
Cheap beer, cheap liquor, cheap everything.  Stories of West Europeans getting of trains and seeing city centers full of beautiful girls, hidden by the Iron Curtain.

Well...I can tell you that they are all true.

I got out of the airport...My friends and I were amazed at the amount of  beautiful girls walking around.
Tall girls with petite faces and surprisingly plump asses.  There was not shortage of girls walking around in heels.  For the first 2 hours...I can't even remember finding a fat person.

This was the opposite from America in many senses.

I was lucky enough to have rented an apartment right near the city center.  This put me 15 minutes max from The University of Warsaw and 2 club districts.
I also had a nearly spectacular view of the Warsaw Science Palace.

The only downfall to all of this was the sad fact that bombing of Warsaw duding WW2  had essentially destroyed the best architecture in the city. Leaving almost everything to be rebuilt by the Russians in typical drab concrete style.

My first couple days were spent doing the tourist things.
Walking around the old town and new town. Spending twice the money on tourist things...Seeing monuments. ect ect.

But I couldn't help to slowly interacting with the people.
Despite Polish being extremely difficult to learn..and sounding considerable worse than Russian.
I was able to find just the the right about of people that could speak English, to build up a slight social circle.

After spending enough time being tourist, we spent the rest of our time memorizing Polish words and phrases..then  walking around talking to girls, collecting phone numbers and setting up dates.

Within a couple days..We felt like kings of the city..splitting up and going off with different girls we met during the day.
Honestly.. there isn't much to do in Warsaw after you've seen the sights, but to take advantage of what seemed like more men than women in the City.

Eventually we met up with this college girl that invited us to party at a abandoned building a back lot on the other side of the city.
Damn near complete darkness. People dancing their brains off. Clearly a couple people rolling on drugs.
I watched a guy riding a miniature razor scooter through the club and no one paid him any mind..
The prices here were beyond cheap. Probably paying something less than a dollar for drinks.

At some point the building got gassed???
I would like to hope a girl was dumb and sprayed pepper spray. but for a while...everyone was coughing.. skin was getting hot.
It was like a gas chamber. and everyone moved outside for about 20 minutes till is was gone.

No one seemed super scared of surprised though. They just continued partying.
Around 3am or so..The girl and her friends bounced us to bar closer to the city...Where still we were paying at max a.1.5USD per shot.

Cheap alcohol is a gift and a curse..because We all ended up so obliterated that the idea of taking any of the girls home went out the window. The concern we would find our apartment.

I remembered enough to chug a liter of water and orange juice, and luckily my hangover didn't leave me on my deathbed.

It actually gave me motivation and energy...because the next night a friend and I met two girls and brought both of them back.

It was an orchestrated event.
He brought his girl back about and hour before I did.
While he was in the one bedroom apartment...I was warming my girl up in the same apartment building a couple floors up. ( we were drinking to the awesome view of the building)
Every now and then I walk would down the stairs and listen in to see if my friend had left.. and At some point I said fuck it. I was about to bang my girl on the empty 9th floor....until a security guard came up the elevator....

We wasn't even mad...He asked us if we knew...both ends of the hallway had infrared cameras and he had been watching us the whole time!
I sent my friend a quick text to get out of the room.
on the clock...there was about 14 minutes between when he had made the bed and left the apartment....til the moment I was walked in with my girl.

Teamwork at its greatest.