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Antalya,Turkey Datasheet

To start off...This isn't a datasheet that's "game" related. Antalya isn't the place you go to pick up's a place you go to relax....That being said...Turkish women are some of the most beautiful girls I've seen so far.

Turkish people...when they aren't trying to sell you something overpriced...are also some of the nicest, friendliest people that I've ever met on my long journey.

Cost of life 

The cost of living here is relatively cheap. You can choose pay the tourist cost for everything. Or you can venture 15 minutes out of the old town and find things dirt cheap.
its about 1USD- .46TL . While in the country.. Just divide everything by half.. and that's roughly the cost that you will pay in dollars.
Some people will argue( Get it? :D )   But, almost everything in Antalya and many other Turkish cities is negotiable.  No one will offer you the actual price... they will always ask for more..sometimes twice the actual cost.
Once you understand this... and learn to haggle and can become golden.

Since I wasn't going to this city for the women. I went ahead and got a Hotel..
I friend and I booked a decent 2 bed room for about 10 dollars a night.
*Again.  you can chose to pay the tourist price..or you can haggle.  I've heard people paying much more for the same place.
The owners..were some of the nicest people ever.
Every morning, they offered us food...Gave us free water...while letting us use their Fridge to store our other drinks. Every day..he would give us directions to places we wanted to go and tell us how much we should pay.
I owe a lot to the owners..for telling us what to pay so we wouldn't get ripped off.

The bus system was way to complicated for us to understand.
After a couple attempt. we only ended up getting off at the wrong stops everywhere we went.
Rarely did you ever hear your stop.
But a bus ticket to anywhere was about 70 cents. Hypothetically you can be on the bus for damn near an hour and pay less than a dollar.

Food was decently priced. Not dirt cheap..but you could get a decent full meal for 7 bucks.
Full plate of food.  I would routinely  be full after the meal.
You can splurge n the tourist area and pay twice that for the same meal
* You have to try the REAL kebabs
*One thing you have to try is Turkish Ice cream.  No point in writing.. the video explains it all
The show is worth the extra 50 cents that you'll pay for the Icecream.

Place to go and People to see

You can easily spend a week exploring this city. But luckily all the main historic monuments/features are pretty centered in the old town.
What I loved about this place, was that all the historic features weren't close off and set off to the side...they are all integral parts of the city.  People still use them.
If you love history.this place is for you.

Hadrian's Gate

This gate is right in the Downtown area of the city..You can damn near walk right past it will looking at all the shops on the other side of the street.
But this Gate is about 1900 years old.  Not made in the 1900s... but made in the 1000s.
Its a odd feeling knowing you are walking through a gate that a Roman emperor once walked though..

Hıdırlık Tower

Another Structure that's about 1800 years old. Its been sitting here forever...and now it has he luxury of being right at the edge of a city park.
It got some wear to it..So you can't go inside..but its still an interesting sight to see.  As for the park it sits nex to 

Karaalioğlu Park

Its also a fun place to go to...The days in Turkish summer are almost always in the 90s.  This park has shade...and is right next to the cliffs. A nice breeze rolls through.
Nothing else has to be said.

The Marina

You come to the city to relax right?
Why not go chill by the Marina. My picture doesn't do as much justice as it could have.. there is also a small private beach here.
You can find restaurant on the cliffs and on the remnants of the city wall.
You pay slightly more for the meals here...But in are paying for the ambiance and the view  

Don't forget to step a little bit out of the city and go on some adventures.
I regret making it to the famous waterfall in the city....But I did manage to make it out to

2200 year old remnants of an ancient Roman city. History doesn't get much better than this.
Recently..The entry to the ruins has gone from free to almost 10 dollars.  But Id like to hope the money is going into much needed restoration and not someones deep pockets.

You have two options to get to this place.
Bus:  which could cost you at little as 2Lira....but will also take forever.. and you will probably never figure out what bus is what.
I've traveled a lot..and I was at a complete loss.  After multiple attempts.. I gave up and accepted that I would just take a taxi.

Don't let yourself be played! don't pay more than 40Lira for this ride.
I went to a Taxi and flat out told him 30 Lira to Perga. and eventually settled at 35 aha.
But the next day. I told a pair of British guys about the place...and they told me they ended up paying 120 lira..after working down from 150.

The Taxis will let you pay whatever you want.  But I wouldn't pay more than 40Lira

It can easily take you a solid hour and a half to walk around this place.. but its well worth the trip.

Night life

Honestly...I did not find nightlife in the normal spectrum.
I was also there during the week..But I can't imagine to many nightclubs being here.

From what I found were lots of open air and open street bars.
Just randomly roam the city...sit somewhere and get yourself a drink.  Most of these places are full of young people hanging out with their friends. A live band is normally playing  somewhere in the background and they might serve popcorn. haha.

None of these are the place you go trying to pick up girls or get wild.
Turkish people are extremely liberal, but still conservative in a lot of aspect.
 Its so hot during the summer...That I would want to be running around anyway.

Now, again... I didn't come here for women..but..
I still have to say...these girls were awesome.
If I wanted a great women to take care of and take care of me...This is a great place, if you can manage it.

I think Turkish girls have some of the most beautiful faces in the world.  Some of the girls here look stunning.
Completely different from the European look... I'm not even sure how to describe them.
They aren't Arab, but they are really Mediterranean
Also  some of the best legs on girls. The leg length to chest length here is amazing.. even short girls have amazing legs.
The only thing lacking on these girls were their butts.
You have to search hard to find a girl with a great butt...most are pretty flat.

Luckily...its all on view here...Antalya is a pretty liberal city...and its hot as shit. Short shorts and short sleeves are everywhere

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ground Review of Budapest

Budapest has remained my favorite city forever. Ive been here multiple times..and each gets better and better.
The architecture is amazing. I love the style of building and how almost every place has a courtyard. I love the people,the girls, the food..the location. Its everything you could need

Cost Of Life

Like other countries in the Central Europe region. Budapest is extremely inexpensive. Unlike lots of European countries, Budapest continues to use its own currency( Forint).  At the moment of this articles. Its about 1USD to 223HUF

Again... In prefer to step the game up a little and Rent an apartment as apposed to a Hostel.
Since I was with multiple friends. we split the cost on a multi-bedroom apartment and ended up paying 18 dollars a night.
something like
Much better than spending the same amount of money and sleeping on a bunk bed with a bunch of other drunkard.

Public transportation tickets cost about a 1.50 per train tickets
I actually decided to spring the 20 dollar and buy a week ticket, since i know I would use it much more.
The city is spread more and much more interesting to the small center area of Warsaw
I can assure you...your feet will be tired if you walk the city.
The city has so much to do that you can easily spend an entire week doing tourist things.

Food was perfectly priced.
When I travel, I don't really eat out every day. On the first day, I walk around and find a nice grocery store and usually buy breakfast foods and basic lunch stuff.
You can easily spend 20 bucks and have more than enough breakfast food for the week.

After that..I would normally eat out for lunch so I could try the local foods...dinner would be made of beer and street food

Make sure you try some Hungarian food..its cliche but true. Goulash is awesome.
Every place makes it a little different, Ive noticed.
So don't be afraid to order it at different places

Bar and Clubs

I am going back to Budapest soon. and will update this thread.
On short trips..I have the tendency to go where things are easy before trying my hard at the hard shit.
I spent more time visiting all the  monuments in the city and going to clubs. So, for now I can only vouch for a couple places

I went here because it was extremely close to the apartment I was staying in.
I hate and love this place for two reason.. its big and full of tourist.
This place has about a million rooms and bars and dance floors. You would have to come here in the day time to figure it all out. If you wanna lose your friends here you will..But that's OK..Because you can be friends every tourist backpack boy, club rat and aging Hungarian milf in the city here.
This place is slightly more expensive than what I wanted to pay :p  But 2.50 for a beer cant be beat.
Luckily..this is where logistics comes in.. All these Hostel kids are just getting drunk hoping to get lucky.
Having an apartment in the area gives "Instant" status as a place to move the party..or walk to for an evening romp.
We opened up multiple sets of girls and got pretty far with all of them. I eventually settled on a hot milf and her friend. My logistics were useless because she and her friend to me and some random German guy home.

Even though I dislike this place for its club rat vibe...don't discount it as a place for an easy pick up and eventful night

Another place full of tourist..But it IS the most famous ruin bar in the city.
Its a bar..not a club.
But its also filled with backpackers and such. Luckily there are lots of couches to get comfortable.
Not hard to find some girls for conversation.
Like anywhere that tourist frequent...Locals will frequent in hopes to meet tourist. All three of my friends pulled girls home from here. Not bad at all.
Drinks are a little more expensive..cause people can pay for them. But its not bad at all.
I recommend it for the experience

Morrison's 2 
I've been here in the past and decided to go again. Its been two years and this place didn't seem to have as much going as it did last time. It was a complete sausage fest.. not many girls and a dance floor so small that you have to enjoy other dudes having their nuts on you if you want to dance with a girl
Maybe its because I also went here one like...a Tuesday
I've heard this place is really good on weekends

A girl I was with wanted to bounce to here. But I didn't want to go.
This was a Hungarian I'm gonna give this place benefit of doubt and assume it pretty decent and no full of tourist.
Maybe someone can help me out?

Where to Game

While the whole city is full of places to game. I point out 2 prime locations.

Vörösmarty square
This place is a little more upscale looking on the east side of pest.
But its full of classy women in large. I went to this are because its one of the only places that had a ATM that dispense Euro.. But I ended up saying because women would walk across the square all day..High heels, thick powerful legs and great butts everywhere

West End Shopping mall
Again.. A place I found on accident..
This must have been the place Kanye mentioned when he wanted to find a best friend.
This place had me wowed with the amount of women walking around here.
I'm in love.

Women and such
I wrote that the girls in Warsaw were all  7s that became extremely standard.
Warsaw is a different scale.
There are 5's but then there are 9's  and there are just as many 9s as anything else.
Budapest has girls that range from pale Slavic features to dark Caramel colored.. And I love it.
Much more variety than anywhere else.

There are rumors that Polish women have the best butts. But I think that's a lie.
Polish girls have great asses but absolutely no legs. They have stick legs.
Hungarian women that nice muscular thick legs to go around with their great asses.
You could argue that thy don't always looks as big because they have bigger legs.
But if you are more interested in the whole hip will probably like Budapest more.
If you like your women to have a little color and a tan to them...more exotic features..You will like Budapest more.

My ending description is that Hungarian girls have the legs of strong race horses...While Polish women have this legs of racehorse.

In typical stalker fashion.. here are a couple pictures

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ground Review of Warsaw

 Warsaw is a decent sized city. Its kinda grey and drab. But the abundance of beautiful women and dirt cheap cost of living make up for its negatives.

Cost Of Life

Warsaw is extremely cheap all around by western standard. I prefer to rent apartments, rather than stay in hostels or hotels for the reason that, often the prices are almost the same and I can pick my own location and have great logistics in the likely even that I or a friend brings a girl back to the apartment.

The 3 of us rented an apartment right near the Centrum which ended up costing us about 23 dollars a night.
You could have easily brought cost down a lot might not have as good a location.

Alone you might pay 40-60 dollars a night. Since there were 3 of us. It made more since to get one big place and split the cost.

Public transportation tickets cost about a dollar and some change each.
But honestly we only used the trains and buses to get to and from the airport.
Everywhere we went..was done on foot. The city is big. But the area thats worthwhile is max 30 minutes walk from Centrum

Food was cheap also.
There are little 24 hour corner storess all around the city.
For about 10 dollars I  bought eggs, bread, meat and cheese for a week.
Beer usually comes in half liter bottles and you can buy some most bottles for cheaper than a dollar.

We stayed right in the city center and the prices were still low.

Eating out isnt much different.
We tried multiple restaurants on the path and off the path  and the most that I spent was maybe 15 dollars for a full appetizer, meal and drink.
Eating out. my average cost was about half that. Closer to 6-8 dollars a meal.
This is expensive in a sense..that there are much cheaper meals. but often. I was eating so much per meal..tha I was only eating once or twice a day.

* I feel like a lot of Polish people do the same thing. No one is walking around  snacking on McDonalds all day long or carrying a giant bag of chips with them.
Polish meals were very hearty, but at the same time fresh.
I can image that the amount of walking done by the citizens keeps them slim for the most part.

The only problem we ran into is that a lot of placed don't split checks.  Im thinking that splitting checks is a Western thing, where everyone is stingy about who bout what.
Its not the waitresses job to get the money together..its the customers.

Bar and Clubs

There are a lot of bars and clubs in the city.
I always say I will try to got to as many as possible.
But I always end up hitting a few spots and if things go well, I go back to those spots over an over.

Some people hate Couchsurfng, But I think its still a solid way to find people and events in cities.
We went here for a CS event. In some cities..this meets are full of backpacker hippies. But Warsaw was one location were backpacking hippies are coming and there were enough locals to get the bar rolling and grasp the city.

This place was pretty small dark, like a basement bar. I didn't notice a dance floor. it seemed more like a lounge type area.
Its a running joke.. that I think beer prices are expensive when they really arent.but...
The beer prices were expensive  at about 8 zloty or 2.5 for a .5L  Which is really cheap if you are stateside. But I came across places with 4-5cZl beer prices.
I probably wouldn't come back here again.

Enclawa  (Mazowiecka)
This place was like a movie scene club. All show but no substance.
Drinks were expensive. People were dressed up pretty nice.
But it was extremely fake.  We got there much earlier than the average Pole ( around 10-1030)
and there was already a group of girls dancing on the floor... but it seemed like they had been paid to be there.
Why would they be dancing so early...unless they were paid to make the club look like it doing better than it really was.
Eventually the place filled up but no of the girls were very interesting here. all fascades
I told another girl about this club later and she said.. its a club full of rapist.
I assume she means.. the rich dudes that try to throw money at girls and grab on them.

Club Bank (Mazowiecka)
Was in Similar style.. but honesty felt much more real... the people here seemed to be having more fun then Enclawa.
It was still extra fancy. and Im surprised they let 3 lone guys in.
But I enjoyed it for what it was worth.
Met some interesting girls there...almost pulled. but the language barrier is killer.
There is always a girl in the group that doesnt speak any english at all an brings down the sets value for the simply fact that you cant go anywhere with her.

Tygmont Jazz Club (Mazowiecka)
By far the best club we went to on this street.
Drinks were much cheaper than the last two posh club.
Girls here werent being paid to dance. And there was enough quiet areas of the Club that you could sit down and talk to people.
This place also had a stripper pole which was an interesting conversation peace..and every now an then a gymnast girl got on and played.
Again, here..all three of us did well.. found ourselves a group of girls to talk to.. but again.. one of them didnt speak english at all. I was using google translate to try to talk to this girl.
We kept getting conflicting info from the girls about one of them supposedly getting married.
In the end.. we got them out of the club... but not to out aparments

Sen Pszczoly
If you want something more authentic in terms of grunge warehouse party.
No one dressed super fancy here.
It was in a abandoned building parking lot on the other side of the river.
We were invited  her for  one of those color fest raves.. but came later in the night
This place had bunkbeds  and couches around the dance floor.
I dont know if people use them to fuck or not.. but it was.interesting to say the least.
These also sold street food right outside the club..which didnt hurt at all.
 at least 10 percent of the people here were on some kind of drug.but it was hilarious.
No violence..just pure dance energy

Bar Warszawa
This place was a last stop for alcohol.
Beer, shots, wine were all 5Zl  or about a dollar fifty.
The sun was already up when we got here.
This is probably a great last call place...or morning call place.
Where you could show up at 5am and pull a girl back.
Girls here were all over me... but i was more concerned with taking advantage of the cheap alcohol.

Where to Game
By far..the best place to do day game is near the university. Its pretty central in the city and its probably the only place you are gonna find consistent English speakers.
Unless you can speak Polish yourself..going to the malls and such are as worth it.
The quality of the University is in no way degraded by English.
As a matter of might find more girls willing to show you around or sit down at a cafe with you while your there.

The University of Warsaw is located on  Krakowskie Przedmieście. This street converges onto Nowy Swiat and goes all the way uptown and downtown.
There are some many people on this block that you can walk all day and rarely see the same person twice.
There is no need to complicate things and go other places.

Women and such
The women of Warsaw are all pretty high quality. I have a million great things to say..but a couple negatives.
Since everyone is relatively attractive. it becomes a average.
Every girls is like a 7/10  of course..some girls get up to 9s  but the slavic type becomes pretty average.
For the most part.. girls are average height to tall..thin with surprisingly nice butts.
Hopefully Vice magazine doesnt steal my idea.but I think Polish girls might have some of the best buts on this side of europe.
Mixed with the tight pants, lots of walking, thin legs and heels to keep everything tight.
Even a ass man can be more than content here.
The only negative(which isnt a negative for all) is that So many polish girls has such thin legs that they were like twigs
Luckily they are all amazing on heels compared to American girls who almost always walk like ducks on ice with heels...but If a Polish girl fell while walking on heels..her thin legs would probably snap

On the inverse. Polish dudes look like Trolls.
I have no idea why.. but I rarely saw an attractive polish dude.
You would think an ugly guy and hot girl would mak an average child.. but by far.. polish women get all the looks. and the dudes get nothing.

Another think I encountered is that Polish girls are not assertive at all. Which isnt a bad thing.
They are completely fine with sitting while you eat, drinking a glass of water and looking pretty.
After multiple dates with polish girls.. not many had a lot of add to conversations. Even if they spoke english...unless they were "Westernized" and had traveled a lot.. they didnt have much "life experience" or anything to add to the conversations.
They were sweet, delicate.  If you date one.. She would cook for you and you would feel like the ultimate man.
Unlike American girls, who always struggle to get the upperhand, loudly and are in general..not a pleasure to be with after a long time.

The inverse of this is..Westerners may initially take the lack of assertiveness as the girl being bored or not interested.
This is something that I can;t explain in have to see it for yourself

*in typical stalker fashion.
Here are a couple pictures of Warsaw