Sunday, May 18, 2014

The First Night 2/2

I was determined not to let hundreds of dollars worth of lost clothes electronics get me down. I called up the chick I was suppose to meet and told her, I'll find my way over to your place.

I underestimated the fact that it was January..and I was freezing my ass off. The possibility of getting laid was high though and I braved the cold.

I met up with a friend in the same complex I was staying in and told him.. "We are going on an adventure tonight..or we will literally freeze trying."  We headed out with nothing but a notecard of which trains to get on. Not a hard task.. I lived in big cities before..I can manage a train system.
I have no interesting tidbit to share about the German rail system...its efficient and we were where we needed to be within 20 minutes.

The problem was stepping out of the subway and that frigid wind disrespecting every article of clothes I was wearing.
Then walking down the street on photographic memory hoping I would remember what her building looked like..
We eventually made it. rang the building system and she buzzed us in.
She stood about 5'11 with her heels on. A tight black dress that hugged her curves.
Her jet black hair, light blue eyes and devilish smile told me I was in for a show tonight.
She had the look of a girl that would kill you if you stared into her eyes to long...So I did...and I won the contest.
She actually seemed extremely surprised that we made it.. the house was already full of people. There was a bit of embarrassment and excitement on her face..but none of her friends seemed to question the two random guys they had never met coming and giving the host a kiss on the cheek.

The "party" was interesting though. It was made up of mostly all her girl friends and 2 or three extra guys.
Us "Americans" took over the conversations and made ourselves at home.
The girl even cooked for us..Which was a pleasant surprise since we hadn't eaten for hours.

Her friends were all of the same caliber. all tall and model like...minus the one that was short...but seemed like the sluttiest of the group.
I hoped my friend could bag her and give us both a story to tell about our first night in the country.

Midnight hit and the girls had their fair share of alcohol and were ready to hit the clubs.
My friend and I don't dress horribly at all...but we were not prepare to go clubbing.
The girls didn't care.
Germans seem extremely cold and heartless from the front..but these girls made even Americans seems boring...for a brief period.

Either way..We arrive in the famous Reeperbahn and start club hopping.
I won't say these girls are club rats.. but we never paid a cover..and didn't wait in lines.
A couple places they took us too..they would walk in, not see a big enough crowd, and then walk back out.
We eventually settled in one of the most famous clubs. Grosse Freiheit 36.
*Little known fact:  The Beatles got their start at this club*

This place has a massive open floor that gave lots of opportunities for me and my German model to get lost on the dance floor long enough for me to hike that dress up and her friends not notice.
I think I moved a little too fast here and the girl wanted a break.
She wanted to move to a different club.....Which means..all the 4 girls and us 2 guys had to regroup and move.
At first I thought this was a play tactic for the girls to get back together and talk..but luckily..this was a easy venue change  so she could make not only me to get her somewhere private...but for my friend to make he decision one which girl he wanted and whether or not he could isolate her also.

And thank the gods that the next club we went to was so densely filled with smoke..that I no one could breathe.
My eyes were literally burning from the smoke.
I told the girl..we had to leave this place now...which was me legitimately expressing that I liked to breathe...But her signal to take me home :D

She sent a quick text to her friends...I sent a quick text to my boy...and before you know it...I was fingering this girl on the train.
Like animals, we furiously went at each other on the walk down the street... inside the elevator to her building..and straight to the bedroom.
I ravished her for a oddly long amount of time...thinking she would eventually tap out...But no..She survived..and got her second wind.
She damn near rode me till the bed broke...A puddle of sex juice drenched the sheets when we were done.

Then we heard a banging on the door!
Turns of her friends was actually staying with her for the night...and After we got out clothes turned out she had brought my boy back with her! wasnt for the right reasons.
While me and my girl were romping... the other 3 girls had ditched my friend at the last club ( I guess it didnt past the shit test)
One of them felt enough pity to catch him on a late train and bring him to the place in hopes that I would be there.

Eitherway...It was about time I left also..The smell of sex fumigated that little apartment. To top it off, the two girls were sleeping in the same bed.( One was from out of town)

Must have sucked, explaining to your friend..and she has to sleep in the wet spot left by some guy she took home....
...............But thats not my problem.

Our problem was my friend and I getting back home to our apartment 7am....
But thats a long story for another day

Bottom line is...My time in Germany was off to a good start