Thursday, April 24, 2014

The First Day - Part 1/2

In 7th grade I was awarded a plaque( Laminated paper in a cheap picture frame) for resourcefulness.

I like to think back on that moment in life knowing that I'm still the most resourceful fucker in the game.

The first day I arrive anywhere, I'm usually fucked over in some form or fashion. On the day I arrive in Germany, I find out that none of my bags made it.  It's January in northern Germany and I'm wearing nothing but the clothes on my back and the one jacket  I own.

It was probably my fault...I talk the same game I write.  I bought absolute cheapest ticket..which routed me through both Toronto and and Frankfurt.
I was stuck in Toronto for 7 hours because the plane decided it didn't feel like flying..
I saw next to a woman with a baby. Even though the baby wasn't loud...I didn't appreciate getting felt up in my sleep by a small human.

About 3 hours off schedule.. Whatever off brand airline I used, didn't have a contingency plan, so I ended up begging another airline to let me on their plane with 20 minutes to departure.
I have no idea how I pulled this off...but they told me my bags would arrive fine
My resourcefulness and the goodwill of European Airports

I finally arrive in Hamburg and HOLEEY SHIT none of my bags are here!
I figured German Bureaucracy would have a spreadsheet or some shit with a GPS tag saying my bag should arrive in a couple minutes.
They didn't have shit...They couldn't even find my bags in the system?
You expect me to walk out of this airport with nothing. ( I did )

My saving grace was that I took my own advice and had a cell phone with a local SIM card in advance.
I called up a girl in the city I had previously Pipelined... Told her my situation and said.
I need some adventure...Ill meet you at your house in a couple hours...lets go out and party...
Luckily..She was already throwing small party for the night...
I had no idea what I was about to get into.


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