Monday, January 6, 2014

Christiania,Denmark: Where weed is cheaper than beer

The Green Light District..and other places

I happen to be in Copenhagen for a few days and caught some interesting sights.

It's not hard at all for a average male to see everything that Copenhagen has to offer in about 11 hours.
I spent two days there before heading to another city..and by the end of day one I was pretty much bored.

A couple things that might be worth your time are The Round Tower, Which is a tower built as a observatory in the 1600s.
Its got a long winding staircase like road that leads to the top of the tower

The  Rosenborg Castle
Is decent from the outside..but I wasn't paying the ridiculous fee to get inside it.
Instead I had a conversation with the Danish soldier guarding the building.
Of course he didn't talk back...but the least I could do was give him some company in the frigid weather.
Danish Peso ain't nothing to fuck with.

* The Danish actually use Krones

Little known fact...I had no idea, but Copenhagen has a side island where marijuana and whatnot is openly sold....

Wondering across random bridges ( I couldn't give you directions since I stumbled upon it myself) there's a section of town called Christianshavn which has its own separate to called Christiania
 * Queue stolen pictures*

This place use to be a Military compound, before hippies started moving in and squatting in the abandoned buildings. Every now and then I hear they have a riot. Police have to show some force..but the Pothead Hippies always win. For the most part, the police and government seem to let this place run itself.
  I'd bet its probably the safest part of the city.
This place has signs all over it that say No Photos,No Running and Hash is illegal.
...But it also says something like Be safe,Be Careful,Have fun.

Have you ever been to a flea market?
This place is pretty much the flea market of Marijuana. There was at least a dozen stalls.
Little businessmen with all their hash bricks and bags of weed and scale just sitting out in the open=

Don't try to me questions..cause I wasn't gonna talk to these shady looking dudes, but apparently they have a bustling economy and their own currency.
Every vendor also had a jar of pill bottle looking containers with pre-rolled Marijuana cigarettes costing about 5USD.
The cheapest beer I could find was closer to 7USD

* I never did find that mermaid chick that Copenhagen is known for..
But from what I've heard...It wouldn't have been worth trip anyway.

For the record. Marijuana is still illegal in most places. But people are gonna do what they want.
Personally..I thought Danish beer was horrible. I'm saying you should buy drug either though.


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