Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best Backpack For Traveling Abroad

The Osprey Porter 46

Osprey Porter

I wish I could say this is just an advertisement. But It isn't. I love this backpack.
I bought this backpack a long time ago after researching the perfect backpack for my traveling.

Everyone these days is trying to find a carry-on backpack  that will let them put as much stuff as possible inside it.. without it being so big that the airline wants to charge you.

I started traveling with a simply backpack..A leftover from high school..But it didn't cut it.
I was too small, did't hold enough stuff and tore into my shoulders and put stress on my back.

The second pack I started traveling with was pretty much a civilian version of a ruck sack. I would pack it full of stuff and tighten the straps.. but it was still a rucksack, and often I wasn't allowed to take it on a plan. Even if it was underweight..I was always asked to weigh it to make sure.

Eventually I found the Osprey Porter 46.. The Porter is actually the exactly limit for almost every Airline in the world. Instead of stuffing it from the top and getting stuff lost in the hole, the Porter opens up like a small suitcase.
It also has padding all over it, that not only allows it to hold its shape, but also keep all the stress off your body.
Another great feature is that it has a handle made of the same material and padding as the straps.
You can pick it up like a briefcase if needed

It cost 100 dollars, I bought mine at a Outdoor store because I didn't have time to wait.
I accidentally left a open flame near my old backpack and melted it :(
But Amazon often has  deals, I've seen this back for much lower prices

Normally..I would look for the absolute cheapest products..But a proper backpack and luggage piece is something that you shouldn't skip on. I've had this bag much longer than any other bag I've used.
Its a true investment
I often took 3-5 day excursion trips one my spare time, But honestly.. you could pack almost 2 weeks of stuff in here.
I took a 6 day trip to Antalya, Turkey and managed to pack:

3 Pairs of shorts
8 shirts.
2 Pairs of swimming trunks.

2 pairs of shoes
1 Towel
Full cosmetic bag
A tablet along with chargers for my phones
I also left room so I could by snacks and trinkets while I was there.
Even then..I still had a little room left in the pack.

Bottom line.. You can fit damn near everything in this bag and more..
You stay comfortable and  don't look like a bum traveling around.

I linked to the backpack on Amazon above, but clicking this picture will also take you straight to it.
 Osprey Porter

Don't worry..It comes in more colors.. You can buy  them from Amazon in Black, Green and Red!

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Campus Hustler - Review

“Here’s to good drinks and bad decisions”

Not everyone is studying abroad at the moment. Not everyone is having the time of their lives traveling to different countries and so forth.
But that is no excuse not to make the most of your college years. At the same time, being successful as a college student can help you leverage yourself as a perfect candidate to study abroad, along with making your study abroad period even better.

I've know Hans Dix personally and have followed his blog. It was a great idea for him to write The Campus Hustler. He has detailed outlines and information on  going to the lowliest freshmen of the 30,000 student college. to the Absolute King of the College.

The Campus Hustler gives you information on how to analyze yourself from the very bottom to the top. Then taking your self anayisis and improving yourself to the best college playboy you can be.

If you wanna learn specific things like How To Make The Most Of Dorm Life to How To Run Greek Life.,,,I would suggest you Buy This Book.

If you wanna learn to really crack down and keep that high GPA while  making a little money on the side.  I suggest you Buy this book.

And you can't leave out the body. The Campus Hustler doesn't leave out the fact that fitness and nutrition are a big portion of college life.. Unless you wanna eat  Ramen noodles for 4 years and be skinny your whole career..You should probably look into both The Campus Hustler and Hans Dix blog The College Player

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Glass Of Orange Juice And A Blowjob

The morning  that I was suppose to leave for one of Hungary's biggest music festivals, I received that all familiar notification that I had received a Tinder match.At first I figured it would be useless to even message... I had less than 3 and a half hours before I was suppose to board a train...But my gut feeling told me to go for it.

I looked at the picture. she wasn't a bombshell. Dora, We'll call here, was on a dark street wearing a loose fitting white dress with no bra that gave her breast that natural perkiness that no guy could call un-arousing. Her second picture was her in a tight black dress and heels on accentuating her curve.

I had nothing to lose...I would either meet her now..or attempt to keep her busy for 6 days while I was out of the city.With no care in the world..I sent her a message.Something along the lines of  " This might be the only chance we ever have to meet.. And I don't think I can have a good day without seeing your smile in person ;)" It might have been cheesy but it worked.She replied, and within a couple text I had already thrown out my signature line. " I usually know within the first 5 minutes whether or not I want to kiss a girl"

She fell for it and told me she was actually on break for turning in some school work.. and we could meet up.From there. It took her maybe 15 minutes to meet me a couple building past my apartment.
I was blessed to live near a known bar in the city..making it a great meeting point that I could get to and from easily.

She texted me to say she was in front of the bar. (  I forget to mention, that It was barely 10AM)
She was much sexier than expected...even in her plain school day outfit.If I hadnt known any better, I might have thought she was Turkish. Her jeans hugged her hips perfectly, her blouse was tight enough to hug her body, but loose enough for her breast to freely bounce. She looked extremely cute in her glasses...in the way that a porn star tries to play the role of a secratary.

Instead of going to the bar..we walked about 3 minutes down the street to a park.
We walked a little bit.. I made some comments on her looks while escalating to putting my arm around her.Before you know it..We were making out on a playground as if no one was watching.
Somehow the subject went to Piggy Back rides..and how she hadn't had one since she was a child.
So..After some heavy petty. and a ride back to my apartment...That piggy back ride turned into us at my apartment door.

I asked her...Do you want a drink? Ill make you Vodka and Orange..She laughed and said: no.. but a glass of Orange juice would be nice"...And that's all it took to get her upstairs and shirtless in my room. At the same time, my house mate had texted me in confusion..letting me know that we had a train to catch.I told him I was going out for a quick breakfast..but he wasn't prepared for me to bring a girl back for a different type of breakfast.
...But business is business, right?
After some rough wrestling and undressing each other on my bad...I was on my back getting the best blowjob of my life.

Till my phone alarm started going...I had 20 minutes to leave the apartment or I would miss the train and be put back 3 hours.My housemate was also in his room sweating bullets not wanting to miss the train either."Dora" decided...things had gotten a little out of hand..and she was also gonna be late to get back to her classwork.We quickly put our clothes back on. walked her to the door...We kissed each other and said we would pick back up another day.

Once she left.. I tossed my backpack on, grabbed my Tent and sleeping bag, knocked on my housemates door and we were off.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How To Get Laid In Any Country In 1 Week

Everyone hopes to get lucky on their next trip...but not everyone knows the tools to maximize their chances. With all the technology and resources at your disposal..there's no reason you should have the best chance possible.
The days of dropping in a new city and getting lucky are over. Luck doesn't exist
I've been traveling for years..I've found that, a couple hours of work leads to 10 times more success
Here's how to do it

Research Research Research

Pick A City

For this purpose I'm gonna use my last trip: Cluj

Research The City

I research everything I can about the city. Of course I want to get laid, but I also what the city has to offer. If anything.
The first thing I start with is:
I go through the entire wikitravel page and make a list of everything that pertains to my trip.
This includes:
Means of transportation
City History
I also use weather websites like Weather.com to find out what im getting into
I also scour TripAdvisor For popular things to do also.

Research How To Get There

If you are already in the region you can go by Train,Bus or Car.
Every country is different. But normally the WikiTravel pages have pretty details sections on how to get there.
I often Google Bus/Train from *City name* to *City name*  and more than enough websites will come up. to guide you to local websites.
Lonely Planet Forum post often come up. I've found those extremely helpful in finding cheap ground transportation to a city.
*I think its ridiculous and over prices to buy package deals.

Recently I've started ridesharing. Which is pretty much nonexistent in America. But europe has many options such as
Mitfahrgelegenheit in Germany
Carpooling In the UK
^both of those sites also have the links to other countries sites. They are all interchangeable
all these options are usually much cheaper than most anything you can find

When it comes to traveling by air..I have already written an article on how to get into the city if you are traveling by plane.
You can find it here

Research Nightlife and Game

I like to have a good idea where the nightlife is in the city before I even get there.
This means, Local Hangouts, Student Hangouts Bars,Clubs,City Squares etc
One of the best tools is Facebook
In your search bar just night Nightlife places in *insert city here*
You can do the same by typing Bars in...,Clubs in... and get a decent map of places to go.
Often nightlife areas are congregated in a specific area
*With facebook its also good to see what the venues looks like. Facebook pages also show pictures of the people that go there. Which lets you know if the quality is good or not.

Next, I do the same thing and Google nightlife places.

My last resource is using Rooshv.com and Forum and Naughty Nomad City Guides
You can easily Google *City name* Roosh V  or  *City name* Naughty Nomad and find their datasheets.
They are almost always filled with data on the ground. and a lot of time you are bound to find stuff that you would never find using Wikipedia or TripAdvisor. Both these websites are specific for getting laid in a city.

You don't have to mark down every single place. A lot of them might be crap. But you can see how many people visit each place and decide which place are good.

Logistics Logistics Logistics

Map it out

Once you found all your data...map it out. I pull up Google maps and I manually "star" everything in the city that pertains to me. It doesn't matter if its just a simple shop. I star it.
*Everyone travels with their phones these days. If you are serious about this trip you will have smartphone or tablet and can pull this map up when you have WIFI or save it on your phone.

**Some people think this is too much work..But to me, its pretty simple and makes being on the ground a lot easier.
Successful companies don't get rich by guesstimating. Armies don't win wars without maps.
Players don't get laid by luck.

Find a place to stay

Now that I have everything mapped out or a really good idea of where everything is; I can decide where I want to stay.
In Cluj's case. Almost everything worthwhile was centered around one square, So I chose to find lodging there.

In order of best lodging I choose. Apartment > Hotel > Hostel > Couchsurfing
You can Google ( Short term Apartments in *City name*
Or use my favorite site AirBnb.com
You can usually find a place of whatever specifications you need with this site.
For hotels and hostel you can use Hotels.com Google.com/hotelfinder  Hostels.com HostelWorld.com
Most of these websites have apps where you can search and book online also.
A strictly app based hotel finder is HotelTonight.com that is decent for finding last minute deals

Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline
Once I've got my research done and booked I start going through every site to meet girls.
Of course there are places specific to country. But there are couple all purpose sites and apps that work great.
I have an article written on Using Online Dating To Your Advantage

Naughty Nomad also has a Pipelining 101

*With Tinder its possible to spoof your GPS data and get tinder matches before you arrive.
With an app called Fake GPS by Lexa you can change your phone's location and use all dating apps under a different location to add you search.

Once I land in country I normally find wifi(Or use wifi at my apartment to go through Tinder, Hot or Not, Badoo,Lovoo ,Etc
My immediate plan is to try to get dates.
There are  million resources to being successful online like How to get laid on OkCupid like a boss
If you can't manage dates..I also ask the girls what are some good venues to go to..Maybe they know of some local places that don't show up on the global radar. Often those are the best places to go

*It doesn't hurt to pipeline early just to see the quality. I open hit up the websites as part of my research, without messaging girls just to see what kinda people use the services. Often online profiles of people aren't as attractive, but you still get a gist of the situation.
You don't want to pipeline to early though..you might risk losing your targets because you aren't actually in the city

Day Game Night Game Day Game Night Game Repeat

You only have one week...you vacation won't last for ever. You don't have time to sit in your room the whole time.
Wake up in the morning and roam the city. Go sight seeing and see the city. While you're at, hit up the malls, shopping center and squares.  Get a good ground bearing on the city so you know where everything is when you go out night.

At night.. go hit up the bars and clubs. Run game.. have a great time.

There's also a million resources to improve your game.
But since you only have one shot..

Never Give up

Most important thing there is to do is to Never Give Up
This isn't time to bullshit.. You came here on a mission..and you have to complete that mission at all cost.
A bulk of action happens right around closing time. If the bar closes at 4am..stay till 4am(unless you're bouncing to another venue or leaving with someone you picked up

You might not get another chance..so why not play the game until its officially over

..IF you make it to the end of this article.. but also want to know the newest secret to my travel Click here

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Online Dating While Abroad

You wanna take that weekend trip to Budapest. have a list of places you want to see and do, but don't know anyone or know about the nightlife. You want to meet the girl of your weekend dream, but don't have a clue where to start

Euro RSCG Worldwide found one in five said they have had a romantic or sexual relationship start online. Forty-nine percent knew someone whose relationship began that way-Reuters

Why not use these statistics to your advantage? 

Every city is full of women eager to meet new people. You might even have an advantage as a foreigner.

Before arriving in at your destination online dating and social network can be beneficial for many reason.

1. Meet beautiful women

2.  To see what the "average" girls look like in the city.

3. Find out where some local bars,clubs, events

Why not use your friend Google to help you out and find a couple websites...


Intepals : Pen-pal website with and oddly put together search system.
 A lot of members are looking for people to talk to online or though mail...But why not the real thing? A women that would already be interested in writing you shouldn't have as much of a problem meeting you. If anything..She's eager to do it.

Couch Surfing : CS For Short : If you're ever traveling around and wanna meet people. This is a good way to do it.
It's a network where people offer or request a place to stay for a night or two, AKA surf on a couch. Everyone has a different style..But alcohol as a "couchwarming" gift might get the fun going.
Most importantly, you can use it to meet up with women for "Coffee Dates"
( For more info --> The Underground World of CouchSurfing and Sex )

* This is not a dating website. But it would be a lie to say that that I haven't specifically asked hot chicks if I could spend there night at there house. A women would be a hypocrite to say she doesn't do the same thing.
No one want to stay at or host a person that looks like they have down syndrome.

Badoo : Its slogan is meet new people. I honestly don't know what its true purpose is ,but it seems like a cleverly disguised dating website.
I often sent messages asking the where the best night life in the city was. Find out where everyone goes, have a good time.

Okcupid : Being English based, means it's easier to find English speakers to hook up with.

Tagged : Another meet up site. While again..not specifically for dating..becomes a great fact finding website.

In the recent years many mobile apps have popped up, giving anyone with a phone access to women all over the worlds.

Apps like Tinder, Hot Or Not and Lovoo Now allow you to  find people to meet from your phone.
As soon as you get Wi-Fi, you can start searching for girls..

One strategy to use when messaging women is to ask about bars and clubs in the area.
This way not only do you possibly have a date for the night,you may learn a little about the city and its nightlife.
Even if you don't score...At least you know where the popular clubs are

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Alpha Playboy by Christian McQueen ( A Review)

The Alpha Playboy by Christian McQueen 

I just got my hands on a copy of his book last week, and loved it.
This is a great book ,not only for guys planning on studying abroad, but for guys that want to improve themselves overall as a person..and become an Alpha Playboy.

This is not a How To book. This is not a Self Help book.

     The way I read this book was as a self development book. McQueen didn't write this book to take from you from day 1 to day 365. He wrote this book to take you from day 60 into the rest of your future.
This book doesn't tell you how to go and pick up girls. It helps you wake up out of the bed, look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself to improve your entire life. From there on out, you will not only have the confidence to pick up girls...But to do whatever you want to do in life. If you wanna become the best business person...It's possible that this book will help you

     In the easiest way I could sum this book up was : Straight Pimp Shit
McQueen doesn't hold back with his words. He tells it how it is. You're an adult.. I hope.  You don't need someone babying you through your life. He writes a good portion on just sucking it up, digging deep inside yourself and trucking on.
The author gives you ever step that you need down to his personal manifesto, to uplift you and reaffirm in yourself that you are THE SHIT

Only after then...Can you get even be successful.

     From there some next level "Deep Conversion" knowledge game is dropped on you. I love how McQueen drops so much knowledge on getting a girl and keeping the girl. Sometimes you gotta reward her, sometimes you have to punish her.  I feel like you will just have to buy the book to fully understand this. This information shouldn't be given for free. Kanye said " No one man should have all this power"  But certain power can not always be shared freely or be put in the wrong hands..

     What I really like about the book are the sections that go into STYLE , FITNESS and DIET
Not many books really go into topics like this, and when they do; it's often extremely vague and "bro science" garbage.
The author knows style. The author knows fitness.
Down to good places to shop to update yours style if you don't have a bunch of money to spend, McQueen knows.
(This is essential stuff if you are gonna drop into another country and look good.)
All of the Recipes in the book are extremely affordable and simple. A lot that may read is book may have never lived alone, or are use to eating out.  LEARN to cook some shit for yourself..You'll feel better.

Almost all of the exercises in this book require no weights at all. You're not gonna come back looking like Arnold, but you're probably gonna be more fit than 90 percent of the other drunk and high kids out there.

Moral of the story.
You wanna get fit? Read this book

You wanna eat right?  Read this book.

You wanna take your style to the next level?  Read this book.

You wanna take your game to the next level and give women the experiences of their lives? Read this book.

All these things are extremely focused for a young Alpha Male..getting out the the country and showing his face to the world.

If you're interested in the Christian McQueens Blog, and Purchasing the book...Here is a link.


Even If you never purchase the book. McQueens NEW blog is such a wealth of knowledge that you would be shooting yourself in the book by not bookmarking it.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cluj, Romanian Datasheet

Over the past couple months I've ran into more than a couple Romanian girls that have seem to fall in love with me on first sight. I have no idea why Romanians feel this way about me, But considering all these girls were beautiful..I figured I had to visit Romania myself.  Go to the source.

Cluj  actually has a large percentage of Hungarians..that call the city Kolozsvar.
There was actually a folk festival going on in the city..I think its celebrating the first king of Hungary.. which is odd..cause..this is Romanian..But whatever... I could be wrong.


I use a ride sharing site. BlaBlaCar. a friend and I road with a German Businessman about 8 hours to Cluj. Passed through a gypsy town and saw gypsy mansions...I slept most of the way.

We rented a 2 bedroom apartment on Airbnb for 55 dollars a night...so like 28 a Person.
The apartment was dead in the center of the city on Piata Unirii.
Perfect location. and a unbeatable price.

The current exchange rate is about 3RON to 1USD

Cluj seems just a little cheaper than Budapest in terms of groceries.
Beer and such is still between a dollar or two dollars.
**One really interesting thing I noticed were "swat" teams in the grocery stories.. 
They just had night sticks.. but they dressed like they were prepared for war

You can easily find a 2 course meal, Soup and entre plus beer for about 5USD

We did eat at one place that was a little more expensive and the the entree alone was about 18RON 5.40USD

Since this is our last trip..we "splurged" and cocouldn'teally find a meal that would cost ten dollars.

The City 

Minus the square...Cluj is pretty shitty. Everything is in disrepair or only half built..you walk 3 minutes from the square and its damn near a shanty town..
The streets are broken.. the sidewalks look like a earthquake and lightening hit them.
tTey are doing construction everywhere.
The drivers are clearly absolute shit.
They have servicemen in the street directing traffic at "major" points.
It looks like they entrust electrical wiring to the average citizen...Powerlines look like the are randomly strung up with little rhyme or reason.

Guys and girls

Its summer...so for the most part. the city is pretty empty..Only the girls that actually live in Cluj are here..
Luckily talent is still excellent :D
We arrived Tuesday and left this morning..But for the people in the city..they seem to go out ever day to combat the bland lifestyle that the city seems to offer.

The first day I was not impressed..We went out for dinner and had a couple beers, but not having a contact in the city and thinking Tuesday would be dull. We just called it a early night.

The guys in Cluj don't look bad.
They are pretty stylish if i must say.. much better than the British slobs I see and in Hungarian guys that are trying to hard.
I don't know much about the game cause I wasn't really observing it.. but I feel like Cluj is a place where they guys are on par with the attractive girls.. unlike Poland.
And it seemed like there were more young girls than young guy in the city.
Girls seemed to stare at guys in the couple places I went.
One of my bangs was from a girl that approached me.

* I rarely pull the race card. But I saw one other black guy during 4 days of being in Cluj.
People were staring me down like a piece of meet.

I think of exotic looks and the larger supply of men to women makes Cluj a good place.

When it comes to girls.. I saw a lot of girls similar to what I see in Hungarian..But I didn't see nearly as many stunners like I see in Budapest.
Romanians girls seems to almost have a more alien look.
Almost every girl i ran into had odd build.. short stocky..but not thick.They were still slim.. but compact. A hard measurement to describe.. but I didn't see a bunch of long lanky girls around. I also didn't encounter many tall girls.. even with heels a lot of girls couldn't have been taller than 5'5-;5'6
Also.. far spaced big eyes.
So many girls had big deer eyes that were spaced far on their faces that i swear they could probably see behind them ( I'm not saying these aren't some of the sexiest girls in the world..I'm just pointing things out)

I can imagine that when summer is over, and the students come back to the city....Quality will probably shoot up tenfold.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Analysis of Budapest: Thoughts-People-Culture

After spending three months in Budapest, I feel like I should give a horribly written essay on my overall thoughts and knowledge of the city. I feel like this could also come out as a history lesson at the same time.
I'm not gonna say that I'm any sort of historian..or that I really know what I'm talking about. Three months isn't enough to get deep into what Budapest really is..but its enough time to make some judgement.
Hungarians may read this and think that I'm completely stupid, while some may agree with me.  We'll see.

This is my story.

Before I decided to move to Budapest I had previously visited the city as a tourist. I had recently came from Germany..so the slight smiles and almost bright but sad eyes on Hungarians made me think the city was extremely friendly and welcoming. Hungarians were a happy people. The city was extremely modern, people dressed well and you could drink water out of fountains around the city.  This made me thing Hungarians earned a great wage, but the cost of living was simply extremely cheap. Some of these things are true..Some of them aren't.

I made some contact and ended up renting a apartment for a decent price in downtown Pest. ( The cool side of the city)
The first thing I did when I arrived to the city was buy a monthly public transportation ticket. I figured I would take the bus, tram and metro pretty often.  I slowly figured out..just about everything on both the Buda and the Pest side is in walking distance. It won't take more than about 30 minutes to walk from one side of the city to the other.
 For the rest of the time being.. I just bought a couple transportation tickets at a time and walked everywhere.

What I didn't mention..Is that in the Summer...Budapest is hot as shit and most of the building do not have central air or heat.
While I had a extremely modern apartment. I didn't have an AC unit. I had a fan.
Sometimes a dreaded coming home..or bringing anyone over, because it was usually hotter inside the apartment than outside.
Why is it like this?  The way that most building on the Pest side are built give them big courtyards inside the apartment. They are tall enough to block the sun on the lower floors, let air funnel in and keep the building cool. When it gets cool in temperature, the building are built thick, keeping the heat in.
This is a great idea..but unfortunately I lived on the top floor or my building.. and the sun rose directly into my room.
This made it easy for me to wake up at the top of the morning and go to the Gym...But the sun beams into until noon...but the insulation of the building kept it hot until the next day. The only escape from the heat was when it rained and the head was sucked out of the building.

That was my side rant...
In my last post on Budapest, I mentioned how Hungarians appear really warm. Apparently I was wrong, ( this is all in good humor)After making friends with quite a few Hungarians I  found out Hungarians are actually assholes and complainers. They seem to find a way to complain about everything there is to complain about. Its actually a pastime to complain about something because there really isn't much else to do. The average person in Budapest makes between 500 and 800 dollars a month..with 500 being more common..Which is enough to live life, but not enough to truly live "comfortably" I spent about 1100 a month. Which allowed me a to pay a high rent of 350 dollars a months downtown and go out regularly during both the week and weeknight.
I wasn't balling out of control at high class clubs, but I could afford to splurge.
One reason for the complaints and assholish behavior comes from tourist.  I considered myself a local for what is was worth and began to hate tourist also.
Most of the tourist come from the EU and England..While the dollar is about 230HUF Hungarian Forint  the British Pound is about 400 Forint.
A pint of beer in England can easily cost 4 pounds. Means they can by nearly 6 pints of beer as opposed to 1....and They do..
This results in drunk British people slobbering all around the streets during the evenings being loud and uncalled for.
Because of this..lots of bars and restaurants have slowly started raising their prices..which doesn't necessarily kick locals off..but I will admit that it put a bitter taste in my mouth when certain bars served the same bear for twice the price.. when you could walk a block around the corner to another place, not hear any English and get a beer for half the the price. About 1.10USD

Now...you could also go deeper into things..Communism.
Communism hit Hungary pretty bad..just like everyone else. Budapest made cars and buses for the Soviet Union.. when the Curtain collapsed..they didn't have much else do and didn't have much.
Since the soviets provided for Budapest and went into debt to provide for them...The fall of the curtain seems to have left Hungarians with a slightly defeatist and victim attitude. When you don't have anything..you either fight hard to get it..or you accept that you won't have it...Hungary accepted the loss. Even though its in the EU and touching Austria..Hungary chooses to stick with the Serb/Balkan/Turkish mindset that sets. let things slide and become corrupt instead of rise against the odds and become diligent and productive.

On the outside Hungarian politics seem fine they consider themselves a Parliamentary republic...democracy.
Even though there are multiple political parties, one Political party has pretty much rules everything. The Fidesz  has a super majority, full or politicians that just don't seem to care. Bribery might not be as big as it is in Romanian.. but it seems like tossed a cop 40 bucks goes a long way if you really need it to.
Some argue that Democracy is over in Hungary

In other odd politics.. one politician Ilona Staller was a known hardcore porn star an famous for showing her big fake tits to the parliament

*Random tidbit.Hungarians have been major producer of porn since the 70s...hardcore..you name it..
Is it cause Hungarians are horny and sexually frustrated...or cause the women are just so beautiful?
I think its a bit of both
In 2007 there was a small push to make it legal for ages 14-17 to star in porn movies.

Another political tidbit.
In the recent year..A monument was built in Szabadság tér ( Freedom/Libery square) dedicated to Jewish and Hungarian struggle and occupation during the Nazi era.  Its suppose to be a a German eagle coming down on Archangel Gabriel. The Eagle being Germany and Gabriel being Hungary. As if it was all the Nazi's fault for what happen.
But the funny thing is that Hungary joined the Nazis on their own..and when shit hit the fan..they murder Jews with a smile in the face.
The Shoes on the Danube memorial is based upon when Jews were told to take their shoes off by the river..so when they were shot..they would fall into the Danube and float downstream.
To top it off.. the memorials Hebrew inscription is apparently google translated.
Budapest has one of the highest Jewish populations...along with the Dohany Street Synagogue, The largest in Europe and they couldn't find a Jew to give them a correct the monument( If they would have asked..the Jew would have refused anyway)

You could go much deeper in to more ancient history of Hungary.. but I feel its been better written  in the Hungarian chapter of The Hidden Europe Where the author get into the history of Hungary and how they have pretty much been pushed around by every empire up to now.

At the end of the day.. I  think this is the reason for Hungarian bitterness.

On the other hang...when you grow up poor..you find joy in the little things. and a gathering out in a village is probably ten times more fun than going to the club.
If you really wanna know the definition of drunk...makes some friends to take you out to get some of grandpas Palinka.
Palinka is one of Hungary's national drinks next to Unicum..(which taste like it sounds..but nothing like it sounds)(not that I would know..but from what I've heard)
Palinka on the other hand taste like gasoline..rubbing alcohol with flavor. with it being from 40-70%
You will get drunk quick trying to take shots of it.
I once took a shot of 70 percent Palinka and couldn't talk for 2 minutes...I looked around and realized I was tricked..and I was suppose to sip the shot and not take it to the back of my throat.
Its also a sin to buy Palinka from the stores( sorry )..Proper Palinka has to be gotten from a village somewhere.
It seems like a common thing to get it across border also. While stopped at the Romanian/Hungarian border it seems that at least 1 car and hour gets checked and turns up full of plastic soft drink bottles full of Palinka.
That didn't stop me from stocking up and fulling my suitcase with at least 10  liters of alcohol and bringing it home( Somehow my bag never got checked at the airport)

..Im tired of writing...so I'm just gonna publish right here

Monday, July 28, 2014

Brno, Czech Republic : Trip Report

The only thing I regret about Brno is that I went during Summer..when the bulk of students are out on vacation. The city is still filled with enough beautiful girls to make Hefner smile.. and the nightlife is still thriving enough for you to never be bored...but I can only imagine the debauchery that goes on during the school year.

Cost of life 

Everything here is ridiculously cheap.
I can't image many tourist go to Brno...there isn't much here.. and Prague is the only place that matters
1 USD is about 20.5 Czech Koruna.

At a night club.. the most expensive beer I bought was 35CZK  or about a 1.70USD . which to me was funny considering the cover charge 50CZK/2.50USD
On average I was paying a dollar a beer.

Since the city is small..their was no need to ever to use public transportation. at most it was a 25 minute walk from one side of the city to the other.

The most expensive meal i ate was about 8 dollars including my drink..and that was enough that I only had to eat once.
At the most expensive price.. street food was close to 5 dollars for a large kebab.
This place was a rip off cause other places were half the price for the same item

 Place to go and People to see

Honestly.. their wasn't much in the city to do.. 3 hours is way past overkill for seeing what the city has to offer in sights.

I really skip over this section..There are a couple churches... a sub par castle.
The most interesting thing is the Monastery Tomb/Crypt where they have a bunch of preserved mummies in plain view
..If you come to Brno for multi day historic tour...you're priorities are wrong.

Night life

Unfortunately when it comes to nightlife... I feel like I can't do this city justice.
Friends I was visiting in the city told me that it has a thriving weeknight scene during the school year, but during summer lots of people either go back to their villages or they go off to Croatia and party it up.

There is a pub or bar every couple feet around Brno. If you want a cheap beer from 11am to 4am, it won't be hard to find one.
Because of that.. I have no idea what the names of most of these places were.

But I can tell you... their weren't many women in these pubs.

A couple places I can recommend are

Malej Velkej Bar

This is a nice looking bar.. but full of trashy people...like the people that have nothing better to do in their lives but drink to forget that nothing is happening in their lives.
I witness a male/female argument over which shitty track should be played on the jukebox.

The thing is..they serve quality drinks here and their was enough women to bounce around and talk.

I only stopped into here because a Cougar I met at the previous bar invited me.
This club looks pretty high tech.. disco style.. Only thing is.. it doesn't seem to be for the younger crowd.
This place was full of cougar groups on the prowl hard.
If you want a mid thirties lady to be all over you at the drop of a dime.. this is the place to go
Luckily this is check republic and 75 percent of the cougars are fit as hell. and theirs lots of young stunners walking around
There are a couple young people in here but they are probably just partying in the ambiance.. but I think this is a club for people in their late 20s to 40s. * refuse to post the clubs *best* pictures cause that's not what I saw when I was there.

 This place was dark and kinda grungy looking.. the DJ was horrible while I was their and music switched between 40s and 90s.. people went from trying to do the swing.. to trying to twerk.
It seems like a lot of confused students were here that didn't know any better
I felt like if I was gonna get stabbed somewhere..it might be here.

Maybe the kids that can't fit in at a normal club congregate here.
..I bought 1 beer and left

This was by far the best place I went to.
The have a cocktail bar with an outdoor patio on one street and then about half a block up the road is the night club.
The drinks are a little more expensive
I think I bought 3 drinks (a round)  for about 7USD as opposed to some cheaper places where I bought 5 beers for the same prices
Their patio is a good warm up places...its not incredible hard to go between tables and talk.
We pulled a group from this bar to the club and had a pretty good time.

The club its pretty wild..The ratio was great where I had the ability to ope 4-5 groups within the time I was there.
The have a upstairs area that perfectly lets you see the entire club and figured out where the girls are...then walk down and talk to them
There is also a pool/hot tub. I don't know if its heated.. but a couple people were bold enough to be inside it at the club.
I would recommend going back to this place multiple times because of the success I had here.
*I found it hilarious.. I was only paying 35CZK for my beer.. when I asked 3 different local guys.. who were all paying 50.  I still have no idea why.


I'm one of the last people to pull the blatant American card in hopes that girls will fall into my lap because they have never been with an American.
But in Brno...I can tell you... the card works and it works well.

Czech guys on average are not very good looking..Their women are a good 2 points ( of ten) above them at the worst.
Czech guys also don't have game and are extremely annoying.
Multiple Czech girls that I talked with voiced their opinions against their own guys...The girls that could speak English well would latch onto my every word.

I figured, at any moment a Czech guy could come and blow out the conversation, just by switching the languages, but even with their attempts. It never happened.

Now looks wise.. I was impressed and not impressed.

Czech women are pretty slender...long legs and torso. I ran into a lot of "lanky" women. but unlike Poland and Hungary.. where the girls have tighter bodies.. I found Czech girls not to have as tight bodies.
Their legs were long.. but not extremely muscular.
Even heels, didn't tighten the legs of some girls
I also can't say Czech women had some massive amount of ass. I saw some decent ones.. but mostly skinny girl asses.
But by far..I saw lost of busty girls
Lots of stunning faces.. I would say they looked better than polish faces...but not as good bodies as Hungarian.
The overwhelming benefit of Czech girls was their raw sexuality and the way they carried themselves. Even the women that didn't have the best looks were surrounded by a vibe of sexuality 

I wouldn't mind going back to Brno during the school year to see how much different it is