Friday, January 4, 2013

Bang Ukraine - Review

Bang Ukraine

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 Ukraine, another former Soviet Union satellite, where the roads may be in disrepair, but everyone strives to drive a BMW. The land of Mail-order brides, and poor women in high heels who doll themselves up but can't afford to buy their own drinks. Possibly the country with the most feminine women in the world...if you can crack the code.

Writer RooshV has traveled to many locations throughout the world to help men understand the women of the world...and ultimately get laid.

The women in Ukraine come off as cold-hearted  players of the game. No interaction is solely emotional and the only thing that can be easily be parted when dealing with Ukrainian women, is your money
Ukraine is not a country where you can walk off the plane, show a massive wad of rubles and women will flock to you.
This book breaks down a formula for success by breaking down the background of Ukraine along with its culture. Then moving into descriptions of all facets of game, Day and Night.

Like all of Roosh's books he includes stories of both his failures and successes.

What sets Roosh apart from a lot of writers, is his honesty in writing. This book will not throw a bunch of flashy words at you. This book will not give you a false since of confidence, and hope upon landing in Ukraine.
This book will give you the straight forward facts based on months on research and trial and error. 
An essential read for anyone planning to travel Ukraine or other former Soviet Union States.

But, If feminine, slim, long haired, high heeled skirt wearing women are what you are searching for..

You can learn more and purchase his book on both Amazon or his personal websites Bang Guides and
For a more inept look into game, I suggest you read Roosh's book Bang
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