Friday, December 28, 2012

I Hate Tourist

Tourist, while a necessary evil in the the scheme of cash flow...are a horde of locust.

Everything that makes it easy to be a tourist, is also part of the problem.

Guide books, are written for just about every destination a soul could imagine itself going to.
The problem is that, these guides become tightropes, which must be walked along...A maze with only one path.

Masses of people  line up in front of buildings,monument and locations, all holding their personal copies of Lonely Planet or Frommer's.
All carrying the trademark tourist DSLR camera, that makes them an easy target.

Their footsteps quickly kill grass as they shuffle around
They crowding the area with annoying banter and confusion.
The click and flash of multiple cameras constantly goes off as everyone jockeys for the best position to get that "once in a lifetime" shot.
They will toss their gum and trash wherever they please, with no remorse.

They will create a market for hustlers and shady individuals to come out of the woodwork and sell  useless and overpriced trinkets and memorabilia.
Many of them will be scammed out of their money by a man or woman with a smile on their face.

They will rarely understand or speak the language, and often won't make an attempt.
They question their lack of success and claim the locals are simply unfriendly.

Every country has its own signature stereotype.
Israelis, will try to swindle and bargain you out of your shoes.
Asians, will arrive by the busload, taking pictures non-stop while tossing the peace sign in every frame.
American and British, will battle to be the loudest and fattest people in the area. 
Irish and Welsh, will sniff the nearest pub to get plastered in.
Americans, will also win the award for most arrogant and worst dressed.
Germans, show up not showered and rude...before heading to the nearest beach. 


The list goes on...

Locations that were unknown in the past have been absolutely ruined monetarily, socially, and culturally, because of  tourism.

Berlin - The city of war and reunification, has now been turned into the world hipster meeting place.

Riga - An exotic Baltic location is now overrun with drunk men on bachelor parties, prostitutes and scam artist. Mini Documentary

Vang Vieng - A quiet river city, overrun by drunken backpackers, tubing down the river to the point of government intervention. Mini Documentary

Every "tourist" location has or will be ruined.

Nothing can stop it.

You can scout a new location, and visit new places..but one day down the too will be overrun.

The only thing to do is... find a location beautiful and untouched.

...And be there first.

Don't be a tourist. 

Be a traveler.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't Discount The Lesser Known

Paris   Rome  Barcelona  London
   Berlin  Amsterdam

Yes. Everybody wants to have these locations under their belt. Everyone wants the cross the most popular destinations off their list.
But what if I told you...Those places are pretty lame.
Imagine this,
You walk around the city center, you listen to the sounds of the street. All you here is the chatter of the English language. You slowly notice everyone around you is about 20 pounds heavier than expected. 
If you listen closely, you can here the clicks of cameras and the crackling of McDonalds wrapper.
 You're surround by tourist.

You can't even get a decent picture for yourself because every other fat tourist is standing around blocking the best views.

You look around and you see Starbucks and other international eateries.
This is not where you wanna be.
You did not travel half way around the world to queue in line with a bunch of tourist with SLR cameras.

Sure. You can have a decent time surrounded by your own. But you're not getting an "authentic" taste of the city.

Do yourself and break out of your comfort zone.

There are so many lesser known locations to visit.