Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sex On The Road

This might sound familiar to you.
Logistics, Logistics, Logistics.


It's rare, but maybe you meet a girl on the street or at 3 AM in  the smoke lounge of a club. Maybe she just happens to be "open" enough to want to do the dirty in the middle of the bike parking lot, or god forbid the gender neutral toilet stall.
But that isn't always what we strive for, and that's not how sex often happens.

Most women want to to live a fantasy that sex just happens. They don't want to face the facts that you had this planned in the back of your head since the millisecond you saw her. She wants it to be spontaneous.

In other words..You cant meet a girl and think she's gonna take a 30 minute Bus, Train or Taxi ride to your dirty hostel room.
That hostel room better be a 5-10 minute walk away.

The point of the story is. Even though you might only be in the country for a couple days, it might be in your best intent to create the illusion that you're not a poor hostel traveler and you live close by.

On the other hand, You might  be able to bypass everything and go to her place.
Either way, here's a little advice

Find out the best location.
You wanna stay somewhere that's close the the party area or in a popular part of the city. You get what you pay for. Being to far from the action is only a strain on you when you have to walk home by yourself...But also on the fantasy your trying to create when you pick up a girl on your trip.

If you can, spring for a private room at a hostel. Find a BedNBreakfast or maybe even use AirBNB to find a place to stay.

Remember this story...

It was a freezing cold night in Copenhagen, Denmark when I walked into this oddly place discount student bar. I underestimated the high cost of Scandinavia and wasn't planning on getting drunk tonight. Not at 7 dollars a beer.
A friends and I split up and did our scouting walk around the bar. A couple decent prospects, but mostly drunk guys hopping up and down spilling their already expensive drinks.
About 30 minute in, we were prepared to wrap the night up and go back "home" to drink ourselves to sleep with the duty free alcohol we smuggled in.

On the wrap up, my feelings tingled and I caught a girl staring me down....But
The first thing out of my mouth was something along the lines of...
" Is that a Pokemon tattoo? "

Yes, she had a weird blue figure on her shoulder that looked like a reject Pokemon ( Yes, I owned a GameBoy back in the day)

Eitherway.. She cussed me out for a good minutes about me not knowing my Japanese Anime characters.
But at the same time she was smiling and asked if I wanted to dance.
The game changed when it became apparent that she was more interested in my friends....and her sister was more interested in me.
A dance led to a Kiss...A Kiss led to a hand down her pants..And that hand led to the two sisters , my friend and I leaving the bar 10 minutes later.

Call it luck of the draw.
But minutes later..These girls gamed us, and minutes later we were in front of their apartment doing everything but fucking on the iced pavement.

But you know what..The older sister lost her key to the apartment. All of us were locked out of the house.

Why not take them back to our place?!
Our logistical mistake was that we were only in Copenhagen by Couchsurfing, and as many rule as you can break. It isn't the right thing to do, to barge into a persons house you only met a couple hours ago at 4am with 2 girls ready to romp.

Even though we were only a 15 minute walk at -10C walk from our place... The fantasy had been ruined.
There was no more possibility of spontaneous bunny loving to be had.
If only they had their keys.
If only we had our own place.
We ended up finishing the night with a slightly awkward walk to the Kebab shop..where the drunker of the sister ended up pissing herself on the sidewalk.

Thanks for the great time Billy Booze...
billy booze
Logistics, Logistics, Logistics


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