Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to break into Spreepark, Berlin

It's easier than it sounds.

SpreePark was opened the same year the United State made its  first venture to the Moon. It lies somewhere in the back of a public park in what use to be Soviet controlled Berlin.
The walk through the woods is scary enough. Morning or Night...Try not to piss yourself when you hear the crackle of branches.

The history of the parks closure is based around its owner allowing the park to fall under millions of dollars worth of debt until it was eventually abandoned in 2001. 

* If that isn't bad enough the owner also was caught using park shipping containers to smuggle drugs from South America.

Apparently a lone security guard patrols the park, but after some recon... It became obvious he does not venture far from the front gates.

*I have no idea what the ramifications of being apprehended are. 
I wouldn't attempt this break-in if your jimmy is easily rustled. But..
Here is my guide:

Step One: Recon
The park is set in the back of the the Plänterwald Forest in the Treptow-Köpenick District of Berlin.

The first thing you should do it walk a lap around the perimeter of the park.

While it's surrounded by fences, you must remember that they are in various states of brokenness. In some'll see deliberate breaks in the if someone was there before you ;)

Make mental note of these breaks and low points and determine the best was to get in for yourself.

* Be sure to look for shadows and a possible security guard watching out for intruders.

Step Two: Move Stealthily 

You don't wanna start breaking trees down, jumping into piles of leaves and slamming doors as soon as you arrive.

Keep you head low and your eyes high as you walk around this post apocalyptic enclosure. 

Stay near bushes and high grass until you are comfortable with the environment  Even then..It might not be worth it to venture out into the open.

Step Three: Take Pictures 

Take as many pictures as you can. Be bold and pose in the pictures. 

Few people have the balls to do what you have done..You wanna be able to show people back home that you were actually there.

Step Four: Retreat Safely.
Make your way back out of the park. Bask in the glory of success. You are triumphant.

*Assuming you weren't caught..your pictures may look like this.

spreepark spreeparkspreeparkspreeparkspreepark

Have you been here?
Feel free to post your experience in the comments!


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