Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Most Important Tool Abroad: A Cell Phone

Don't lie to yourself.. You know you spend all your time on a mobile phone when you're in the states.

How annoying is it when someone never picks up their phone or doesn't have one!?

When you go abroad...Everyone else is the same way.

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics 

Will be said over and over again.

Do you think people will send your letters and emails to tell you to meet up at the bar in a couple hours? NO!
You need to go out and get a cell phone so people are able to text and call you.

I've known people that spent a month or more abroad without a phone....An made almost no friends.
Don't be that guy!
indian phone

Step 1: Get Cell Phone.

Before I even left I went on Ebay and bought a old Motorola Slvr.
Depending on your budget, you can buy whatever you want from Ebay,Amazon, a second hand store or wherever!
You may even have an unlocked phone already.
 ( Iphones are popular)
If you want, you could also wait till you get to the country.
Most airports and main train stations have little shops that cell phones and Sim Cards ( but you might be overcharged )

Step 2:  Find and in country provider

The most important thing is that is it unlocked and can be used anywhere in the world.

Sorry if you use Sprint or Verizon or any other CDMA phone, because most of the world use GSM phones. AKA Sim Cards.

You may get advice telling you to look into international Sim Cards, but I'm telling you that it's useless.

You will save much more time and money by finding a service provider within your country.
Many of them do not require contracts either.
All it takes is a quick Google Search.

List Of Providers in Europe
List Of Providers in the Americas

Do a little research on them yourself and find the best for you.
*Maybe you can even scout some forums on providers in your country specifically.

I found a prepaid service in Germany for 20 dollars a month that gave me 200 sms/minutes and 500mb of data. Considering receiving calls and text are free in most European countries. 200 minutes was more than enough.

If you happen to take long travel trips IE 1-2 weeks. It's usually still cheaper to by Sim card for temporary use.
When I arrived in both Prague and Paris it took no more than 30 minutes to buy a new Sim Card and activate it.

Step 3: Make friends and fill phone with numbers
Now you can  go off giving your brand new cell number to all the new girls and boys you meet at the bar on that drunken binge you took.
Hopefully you saved their number correctly and you call remember..and forget that night all over again!


  1. Better way to use cellphone in abroad is getting a mobile that is is compatible with the frequency of the networks in the country.A tri-band or quad-band phone will work in almost any country so you can use a local sim card to avoid huse roaming cost .Check that your mobile is not locked to any particular network .If the your mobile is locked with any network means you can't use any other local sim card in other country .If the mobile is GSM means you can unlock your mobile from the particular GSM networks by getting unlocking service from an online vendor like .After unlocking your mobile you can use any local sim card in other country.The best feature of an unlocked GSM-based phone is that you be able to travel abroad without paying roaming fees by using local prepaid SIM card into your mobile and enjoy pay-as-you-go voice and data services from another GSM-based carrier.

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