Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meeting Girls Abroad: During the Day

So, You finally decided to quit being a bitch and step outside your house.
 You see beautiful girls walking around everywhere, all dressed up, speaking whatever foreign language of the country you're in.
 But then that High School fear or rejection hits you again and you put your head down.

This is where you Man The Fuck Up and get over your fears.
 You are now living in a foreign country,away from home and away from your old friends. Get over your fears of rejections.
 You need to understand that, currently, you are only a small blip on the radar of life and no one is out making a list of people that talk to girls in public.

You should feel proud of yourself for walking up and talking to people on the street, because you have the balls that most people don't.

But when you do see the girl that tightens your pants...What do you say?.

Did you forget? You just just landed in a foreign country..You don't know shit about your surroundings and you probably stand out among the natives. Use it to your advantage.

People are often friendlier that you assume. If you're waiting on a train or bus, why not ask the girl near you something obvious.

"Does this bus go to the City Center?"
" How do I read this bus map?"

You aren't gonna get her back to your shitty room with that line..but at 2:30 in the afternoon..Nothing will.

What you're doing is giving her a line to break the ice.
If she's interested in you. She's help you out, notice your accent, ask where your from? maybe all three.
You've now opened the gates for further conversation.

" I just moved here?"

Don't put all your boring business out their, but drop some interesting  tidbits about yourself and make yourself look interesting.

THEN. You have to ask her for her number. ( Hope you have a phone by now)

Get her number and call/text her later.

You're sacrificing some authority, but you should hope she can invite you, or mention a decent place to meet up later.
Maybe you know a park or coffee shop to meet up at.

..And now step one is done..
You are now one step closer to having the time of your life abroad.

* For more references.. There are many tools and books dedicated to meeting women in the day time
Day Bang by RooshV


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