Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To Get There: Trains and Buses

With Suburbs popping up everywhere, almost everyone owns a car.
 Well guess what? You don't own a car while your studying abroad or traveling. Unless you're some rich kid(you probably are anyway)


Learn to ride a bus.
 They're often cheaper that flying and sometimes Trains (we will get to Trains later)

At some point I took a bus from Budapest,Hungary to Vienna, Austria  for about 8 dollars. Yes, Its only about 150 miles. But it was half the price as taking the train.
Oh wow ! saving 8 dollars?!

Call it penny pinching..but if you understand "broke college student" you will understand that 8 dollars can go a long way. A couple dollars could mean a days meal when your on the road.

Every country has their own website to for train and bus travel.
While you can search for your countries specific website, I've found the German website Deutsche Bahn gives the time schedules for almost every bus and train system throughout Europe.
Germans are known for their punctuality. You can trust their time schedule.

I did end up sleeping in front of a police station in Austria...but that's another story

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